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Housing and a safe home is one of the most basic of human needs. Our houses and living quarters are our main protectors and first line of defense for natural elements and natural disasters, and other externalities. A safe home and a safe house is also our treasury, we keep all our properties in our home. And so this makes our homes and houses one of our most important properties in our lives. Which is why our home is one of our most critical investments that we would make in our lives – which is why we should make sure that we live in a place that gives us safety, security, and a healthy life. Only right for one of our most basic needs.

Building safe places, secure households and healthy neighborhoods is at the core of Boraie Development LLC. Boraie Development LLC is one of the most respectable and one of the most reliable property development companies in New Jersey. Boraie Development LLC along with their team of employees are dedicated into providing the best residential areas for the people of New Jersey. The Boraie Development LLC also pairs up with top notch architects, the most creative architects and the best logistics experts that help propel the company forward. The Boraie Development LLC also respects time constraints and contracts of schedule that they have planned, and they always deliver and execute well on-time, or if not, earlier.

To move on forward, and to make more waves of betterment for the community – Boraie Development LLC is corroborating and collaborating with one of Newark’s local stars, National Basketball Association’s Superstars, Shaquille O’Neal. The Boraie and O’Neal partnership is all for more development and more real estate development on their community.

Their partnership is committed to developing areas that are old and abandoned – for example, they have converted an old theatere into a new cineplex that can be accessed by any of the community members. This puts the Boraie – O’Neal venture in the best interest of the community.

Not only do the powerful partnership of Boraie Development – O’Neal is for the development of their community, but they are also committed and focused on improving the lives of their community members, and improving the welfare of the neighborhood. They are also very committed into uplifting and improving the quality of life of people that lived in more depressed areas of the community. This makes their partnership not only business oriented, but also for the welfare and the best interest of the people.

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