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Meet Ara Chackerian, a passionate entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He holds a Marketing and Business Management degree from Florida State University.Ara Chackerian began his career at Research and Development of Health Diagnostics LLC as the Vice President, before proceeding to Health Diagnostics, then founding Embion/ProviderLinks, and ultimately steering PSS/World Medical. The Pipeline Health Holdings and Evolute Consolidated Holdings, IncDirector has a rich experience in the healthcare area. He is endowed with knowledge and exposure in health care investments.

The San Francisco based entrepreneur channels immense energy towards budding organizations in health technology. The philanthropic investor also has endeavored in environmental and youth affairs, championing the formative year’s development agenda. In addition, Ara Chackerian has funded several facilities in diagnosis, particularly in radiology as well as psychiatry, embracing the latest equipment and know-how in these areas. The limited awareness on psychology and depression disorders alongside limited treatment facilities, coverage policies, challenges in obtaining quality staff, inspired his venture into psychotherapy and radiology. Offering both patients and medical personnel a priceless experience was his goal.

Ara Chackerian believes in materializing ideas obtained from life actualization. The philanthropist has invested in various health care projects that with no doubt creating a positive impact on the community. Of typical impact is the TSM Health Solutions. The organization avails the much-needed serenity and quality in service to patients with mental disorders. Patients with impervious depression access ample and new therapies at the health institution.

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, the passionate entrepreneur has experienced immense accomplishment. Strategic management has been a backlog for Ara Chackerian. His ability to counter such challenges in project handling is outstanding. He uses his experience to inspire youth into entrepreneurship and investment through youth talks. The healthcare investor also has several publications on successful entrepreneurship. He also acknowledges the role of networking and resilience in entrepreneurial success.

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