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What is NewsWatch? NewsWatch is a media platform that provides entertainment news for consumers seeking the most current, late breaking information that covers various subjects such as travel, technology and health. Newswatch is hosted by Andrew Tropeano and Eric Forrest, Susan Bridges and Amanda Forstrom.

Newswatch started production in March 1990 on the ION and AMC Network. The series has produced over 10K stories including: travel, entertainment, finance, medical breakthroughs, automotive, legal issues, charities, public policy issues, many subjects and new product introductions.

Avanca International, a company that develops mobile device accessories for laptops, smartphones and tablets made the smart choice to use the Newswatch to launch their product(s). Avanca was in the process of starting an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign seeking funding for their Ockel Sirius B pocket PC. Avanca set a 30 day period for $10,000 goal. Avanca turned to NewsWatch to create and produce a one minute promotional segment in NewsWatch TV Reviews to help their Indiegogo campaign. Avanca made a good power move, because they knew that not only will the segment would give them national exposure via their television show and with would gain great exposure through their online channels.

Once Avanca’s segment ran on Newswatch, their campaign was an immense success by achieving 2,939% of their 30 day period and raising $456,551. Avanca’s Newswatch success translated into them raising over 29 times more money than they had set out to meet. Newswatch aired Avanca’s segment simultaneously with their Indiegogo campaign and attribute their success to NewsWatch. In addition, Avanca claimed that their segment on NewsWatch was one of the core reasons for their Indiegogo crowdfunding project success. It would seem that Avanca loved their experience with NewsWatch and their team. The NewsWatch Reviews and the Avanca segment reached over 200 U.S. Markets and seen by over 96 million households from the online campaign and made over 1 million online impressions. Avanca continues to use NewsWatch to promote other crowdfunding campaigns.

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