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Milan M. Kordestani, the CEO and Founder of Milan Farms has successfully achieved a lot of things. For one, he is a celebrated writer for the well-known magazine Huffington Post, and he is only 18. He is also an equestrian who competes on a national scale. He is a graduate of Sacred Heart Preparatory School in the last year. Now, he attends college, but continues his equestrian training. He has ranked in championships in 3rd place. In 2015, he moved on to rank 17 in the Under Park Division, then for the worlds championship for the 5 Gaited Show Pleasure Division, he came in 2nd place in 2016.

Kordestani started riding at 10 years old after an accident where he was thrown off a horse during a trail ride. He described his experience in The National Horsemen interview stating that after he was thrown off of a runaway horse while trail riding he got back on the horse. Omid Kordestani penned that he remembers Milan got back on the horse when many kids would have been horrified from the ordeal. It’s been stated Milan is a natural, who trains hard while riding top of the line horses to win many blue ribbons. He has grabbed those honors rather quickly. Kordestani started riding the lesson horses while in Atherton then moved on to world class horses competing on a high level.

As founder of Milan Farms, he has continued to grow his company that is focused on raising animals from organic plants. The mission is quite clear in that Milan Farms believes when consumers choose a product, they should know what is in it. They strive to be the source of that option and have it available to consumers. Milan Farms says no secrets should be in creating good animal products. They only give honest options when it comes to their agricultural goals.


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