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Talos Energy is a non-governmental oil and gas company located in Houston, TX. The company’s main business is offshore oil exploration and production. Talos Energy attaches great value to asset optimization. The company carries out its business in Gulf Coast and its environs as well as the Gulf of Mexico. Over the years, the company has gathered experience in the mining of fuel along the Gulf region.Before founding Talos Energy in 2012, the founders had built and sold Phoenix Exploration Co. as well as Gryphon Exploration Co. These companies were first built in the Gulf of Mexico, and they proved to be a success. Exercising control over most of their production has enabled Talos Energy to use leading practices in all aspects of their operations. This is intended to bring the following:

  • Enhance output performance on completion and work on projects.
  • Improve hydrocarbon recovery with specialized drilling and completion techniques.
  • Enhance Talos Energy’s commitment to health, safety and environmental compliance in their work.

In November 2017, Stone Energy Corporation announced that they would be merging with Talos Energy. The board of directors of both companies verified the transaction of all assists to form a premier off-shore exploration and drilling company, Talos Energy Inc. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Stone Energy Corporation, the company has continuously put efforts in an attempt of adding value to the investors’ contributions. That was through selectively engaging in deep-sea drilling to create the potential for good cash flows.

Recently, Stone Corporation explored Mt. Providence Well and The Derbio Well. That will supposedly improve the valuation results of the next financial year.Timothy Duncan, the Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, affirms that the idea of a reverse merger works perfectly for them. One of the advantages is the pool of talented persons that they can get into Talos Energy. The alliance also enables them to use a structure that makes public equity markets more accessible. The Stone Energy Corporation’s shares will be exchanged directly for the Talos Energy’s shares.

Ara Chackerian is a broad-minded entrepreneur in the United States who has a diverse number of roles in the community. He is an entrepreneur, an angel investor as well as a philanthropist. He has spent most of his career life in investing in the healthcare services where he has gained ample experience and become one of the most recognized people in the sector. He is much interested in technology where he tries to connect it with the healthcare services. He is now a board member of a significant number of health institutions and also other business organizations because of his incredible reputation.


Besides, Ara Chackerian is also interested in environmental conservation where he insists on the sustainable use of the natural resources. He says that the natural resources such as the forests should be utilized efficiently in a way that they will cater for the needs of the present generation as well as provide for the needs of the next coming generations. He has even taken a step forward of investing in Lomonapa Teak where he has one of his farms that utilizes the friendly environmental practices that will teach others on how to conserve the environment instead of adopting some practices that would continue degrading it.

He is now one of the founders and the CEO of the TMS healthcare solutions which is a company that is focused on providing treatments to the patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression. In one of his interviews, he says that he and his partner had worked for many years in developing outpatient facilities.  You can visit to see more.




They made an observation which gave them a business idea by identifying a niche in the market where there were a lot of patients who were suffering from this type of depression. So one of their partner providers suggested on how they should start research about the Transcranial magnetic stimulation which is a treatment provider for the patients having treatment-resistant depression. This is where he comes in and explains the importance of choosing the type of people you associate and relate to because they can greatly determine the height of your growth in business.


For a business to run continuously without failure, short term and long term goals are set and rules set aside too to be followed to achieve these goals. The business will be termed as a success when these goals are met within the fixed period. Louis Chenevert is one great man who knew well how to plan himself to achieve the set goals. Planning his work well while focusing on the long-term benefit of the company is one of the tricks he uses to make things work for him. He made decisions that he knew would have an impact on the future of the company.

The current status of the previous companies Louis has worked with proves it all. For instance, United Technology Corporation is currently one of the best in the global manufacturing market. Louis worked with UTC for less than ten years, through which he managed to raise the company to greater heights than he found it. He started working as the chief operating officer and then rose to the president before becoming the director of the Corporation. While still at UTC, Louis strategized through investing in innovation, skilled labor, and long-term goals as he knew this was his way of ensuring a constant bright future for the corporation.

Before joining UTC, Louis was working with Pratt and Whitney where he served as the vice president then later promoted to be the president. He managed to create the turbofan engine with superb features like reduced fuel consumption and reduced emission, not knowing that his future company (UTC) would come to benefit from that.

Louise was born in Montreal, Quebec. He acquired his degree in business administration in Production Management from HEC Montreal University. After studies, he secured a job with General Motors, where he worked as the general production manager and for about 14 years. While still at GM, Louis got a chance to work Pratt and Whitney, and that is when he moved from GM.

This rule of always leaving where you work in a better state than how you found it is what has made Louis great. If a company becomes successful, then definitely the people in it become successful too.

The principal of Fortress Investment Group is responsible for making sure people understand all the things they can use to get better in different situations. Peter Briger is the principal and knows how he can make things easier on those who are in the business. He also knows what will happen to him if he makes the right choices. He plans to continue pushing forward and making sure people see everything he can do for the company. It’s his way of promoting a positive experience that gives him the ability to keep pushing forward. While he knows how to help people with these options, he also knows what it means to give them the options they need.

There are times when Fortress Investment Group must push forward to help all their clients. Peter Briger knew this when he started working for the company. In fact, it’s one of the reasons he started working with Fortress Investment Group. He saw them as a great company dedicated to the experiences they had to make their clients happier and that lined up with all his goals. No matter what Peter Briger did, he felt confident he could continue helping everyone with the experiences they had. It was his way of making things better and giving people everything they needed. For Peter Briger to do this, he had to prepare to make positive choices. He knew it would take a lot of work, but it would be helpful in the end.

Peter Briger spent a lot of time learning about everything he needed to do and everything that would make sense. As long as Peter Briger knew how to help people, the experience paid off. It was his goal to always give back and make the community a better place. Fortress Investment Group is better because of all the hard work Peter Briger put into it.There are other people Peter Briger works with that also help him. He didn’t get to the top of the billionaire list by doing it all on his own. When he needs help, he isn’t afraid to ask for it. He spends his time showing people things get better and showing them how everything changes based on the experiences they have. Peter Briger makes a goal and sticks to it. He wants to show people how that goal will work and how things will get better no matter what they’re doing.

learn more about him :

Upwork is a great place to find work as a freelancer, because it takes the headache out of meeting face-to-face with every potential client. As with any good todo list, Upwork centralizes all of your work, making it that much easier to get stuff done and rack in the bucks. It’s a place that gives access to more than $1 billion worth of jobs for just a small fee, of which gets smaller the more work you complete.


To be successful on Upwork, it would be a good idea to create a to-do list of everything you need to do, but just making a list isn’t enough. It’s smart to develop it well in advance so as not to hamper your productivity. As a guide, your list should be exhaustive, to the point that you take the time to break down even the largest of tasks into more manageable ones. This will in effect get you out of your head. So when you’re sitting down to get the work done, you’re not focused on other things, say things you haven’t completed yet or might have forgotten to add to your list.


It’s also a good idea to prioritize based on time, start dates, estimated time to completion and the amount of energy it will take to complete a given task. You can use tags often found in many todo list apps, which will help when you decide to group similar tasks that are also easy to get done one after the other. For instance, if you know you have several phone calls to make down the road, why not make do them in a batch? This will ensure they all get done and it will clear off several items, making you extremely efficient.


One of the most important things to do then always re-evaluates your list. It’s not set in stone, so questioning whether a task is still relevant will help you stay on top of your todo. It’s also a great way to check your progress as you move along, and before you know it, you’re list is completed, and your clients are more than pleased.



Embracing the art of investing is vital for every individual and requires early planning. The earlier you start planning towards your retirement, the higher the chances of having significant returns on the investments according to Chris Linkas. It does not matter if you are civilian or military personnel, the bottom line is saving early while you are young for a better future. Any individual struggling to know why they should embrace such a move can drive the points from the article.

One of the reasons is because early investing gives you time to absorb risks. In any case, one is bound to take risks and bear its consequences. Beginning early allows you time to recover just in case something goes wrong as emphasized by Chris Linkas. This makes it possible for you to take more chances since time allows. At the same time, one earns a lot from the compound interest in the end. When earnings are reinvested more often, the return on investment increases spontaneously. It improves the spending habits. Early investing enables you to be more disciplined with how you spend your money and gives you a sharp focus on your budget and cutting unnecessary expenses. The earlier you begin investing says Chris Linkas, the better the chances of sending the entire of your life income responsibly. In the long run, you will be a step ahead of every other person. This means that investing early in your life will take you a long way as your personal finances will be far better than those of others. As time progresses, you will be in a better position to afford better things in life ( Finally, there is no doubt that an individual’s quality of life greatly improves. It enables you to have a free mind and relaxed environment to enjoy life in both present and future.

Such advice is not obvious to anyone, but the good thing is that there are professionals in the financial field who tirelessly offer financial advice to help individuals lead fulfilling lives. Chris is one of the well-known financial advisors. Chris Linkas has remained in the world of finance for more than 25 years with expansive knowledge and skills in investing matters. Chris Linkas is the European Head and Managing Director at Credit, a UK-based Investment Group.