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Jed McCaleb says that in the very near future blockchain will be a part of all major banking institutions. He makes this prediction as a revered programmer and blockchain industry.


McCaleb was the founder of the world’s very first bitcoin exchange platform. Originally, Mt. Gox was merely a marketplace for players of Magic The Gathering: Online to trade their digital cards. Jed McCaleb made a company changing decision when he switch Mt. Gox’s focus to bitcoin.


Another one of McCaleb’s innovations to the tech world was eDonkey, a filesharing platform that used decentralized technology to deliver files to its users.


With this expertise in bitcoin, Stellar, and other decentralized technology, Jed McCaleb is the perfect person to predict the future of blockchain. During a recent interview he spoke his mind when he said he believes blockchain is the future of banking.


While others may believe blockchain is destined to be a success in other industries, McCaleb is holding his ground. “In the next 10 years I wouldn’t be surprised if all equity isn’t tokenized.” he said in reference to the growth that blockchain will undergo in the near future. He is referring to not just financial institutions but also things like the stock market.


Securrency, a different blockchain company, is already using the technology to create the possibility of allowing investors to purchase stocks with bitcoin.


Stellar has taken a different approach to blockchain. Stellar is bringing banking services to countries all over the world that don’t have access to basic financial options. Thanks to Stellar, countries in Europe and Asia are now able to participate in basic banking services and even make international transactions. Stellar is creating change in the world.


Stellar’s currency, lumens, was one of the top 10 biggest currencies at the end of 2017 by market capitalization. Stellar is also suffering from the recent crypto crash. Stellar’s currency is down to about 21 cents.

The introduction of Trabuco siege engines on the field of battle altered how wars were fought in the Middle Ages. It was far more destructive than any device which had preceded it. They also were easy for engineers to use and maintain which added to their effectiveness. Over times castles became obsolete solely due to these ingenious war engines.

A Trabuco could take down a protective wall in just three to five volleys. The first use of these devices occurred in ancient China. A Chinese Commander had come up with the concept on his own when he was trying to figure out how to eliminate some Mongol invaders that had overtaken a city in that nation. It took centuries for Trabuco’s to make their way to Europe but once they did most European armies incorporated them into their forces. Because each Trabuco could be fired five times a minute they could quickly take down walls and destroy every structure ahead of it.


The most common thing to fire from a Trabuco was boulders. However, sometimes the goal was to kill the enemy soldiers and not so much to destroy a castle or fortification according to In order to do so this war engine could be equipped to fire ceramic balls instead. Inside these giant balls there was a flammable liquid which would be set on fire just prior to being launched at the enemy. When the balls hit something the ceramic would shatter and burning liquid would spray out all over the enemy causing severe burns and death. Another tactic was to fill a Trabuco with farm animals which had died of a disease and shoot those at enemy formations.

Trabuco’s were used for centuries. What eventually made them obsolete were cannons and gunpowder which proved to be even more effective. Nowadays hobbyists continue to build Trabuco’s and use them in contests at fair where they often fire off pumpkins to see who can shoot them the farthest. Science teachers in junior highs and high schools sometimes build them as well so that they can teach their students the principals of physics. The last one to actually be used in battle was in 1779 when the British Army built one in order to defend the Strait of Gibralter according to Whether it was effective or not wasn’t written down so nobody know if they were able to defeat the Spanish with it or not.

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In October 1957, Lawrence Bender was born in the Bronx, New York City, and named Lawrence Kirk Bender. Being from the Roman descent, Bender attended the University of Maine and studied civil engineering. He took up ballet dancing, only to drop it for acting after he sustained an injury. Finally, he moved into film production.

Lawrence Bender is the only producer who has succeeded at producing two successive films at the Berlin Film Festival competition. The films he produced were Good Will Hunting and Jackie Brown in 1997. He was in 1995 nominated for the best picture in Pulp Fiction, best picture in Good Will Hunting 1998, and best picture in Inglourious Basterds 2010.

His company has, over the years, achieved success in the production of commercials and music. In 2001, his company, A Band Apart, shot 75 commercials and music videos. Following this huge achievement, the company earned itself 13 MTV Music Video Award nominations.

Best Movie

Although there are many movies produced by Lawrence Bender, my favorite is Good Will Hunting. It may be two decades old, but it remains to be one of the unique films of all time. One beautiful aspect of this movie is that it is authentic. Affleck and Damon grew up together in real life.

The friendship between Chuckie, Will, Morgan, and Billy is one of a kind, and this particularly is the magnet that holds the movie together. Their friendship just goes to tell the viewer that family comes in different forms. Well, if there is something else I find totally awesome is the Boston accents. Every role in the movie brings out perfection. In this movie, as opposed to most others, are actors that seem to be in their perfect roles.

Every bit of it comes out powerful, and this is just one of the reasons the movie is a huge success to date. I guess, in a really good movie, a bit of romance is a huge plus. I really love the chemistry felt between Matt Damon and Minnie Driver.

Robin Williams happens to be a darling in every movie he features. Well, in this one, no one would have played Sean Maguire better than him. Additionally, despite the seriousness of the movie, I like the comical exchanges in between as they make Lawrence Bender a great producer.

David Giertz is know for the things he has done for himself. He has made something out of himself because he worked hard.

David has been working as a finical advisor for over 30 years and is good doing what he does. He has been working with Nation Wide Investment company since the year 1999 which is a long time for the same company. When 2013 hit he became vice president for this company working out of Ohio. He has been given credit to work as a broker through several different places but one of them is called the General Industry and Products exam. While David was working for this company he found that most of the time employees were not leaving the job because of more money but because they felt they were not being heard and that was something he worked to fix during his time. To fix this he made it where there was a meeting so more peoples voices could be heard.

David Giertz likes to start his morning early that way he has time to find himself before any meetings he has that day. He tells people to be more organized and life will be easier for them. He likes to think that technology is very interesting because it is always changing and is never the same in any way. Find people from an early start that can help and mentor you in the best ways when looking for investments. This is very important in the line of work he does. Networking for other people early in any career is important because then you know people who do the same things you do and most of the time they have been doing it longer than you have.

When he talks about the things he has done with his life he is very happy to talk about the scholarship he has made to help others get to be where he is in life.

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About Custom Cares Charities, Inc.

Custom Cares Charities was established by Perry Mandera, a pioneer of the Transportation Industry and philanthropist, who has a commitment to his church and family as well as an enthusiasm for sports.

Custom Cares Charities was originally founded on the premises of doing the what is right and giving back as much as possible to the community. And in essence to always paying it forward! Making an effort to always continue their commitment, Custom Cares Charities goal is to provide full support to the organizations that are in alignment with their mission as well as to specific individuals who are in need. Custom Cares Charities is proud to be a part of a diverse clique of organizations and charities, especially those who are providing support to needy children, particularly the abused, underprivileged and disadvantaged.

Mandera graduated from public high school in Chicago in 1975, and instantly joined the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. While in the Marine Corps, he was appointed to a motor pool and taught how to operate a truck. Mr. Mandera was Honorably Discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps and returned to civilian life.

In 1980 at only 23 years old, and tired of working for other transportation organizations, Mr. Mandera started his own business, which he ran until he sold it in 1985. From 1984-1988, Mr. Mandera was the youngest person to hold the office of the Republican Ward Committee. In 2000, the Illinois Transportation Association appointed Perry Mandera into the “top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” where he is currently serving on the Board of the Directors.

Mr. Mandera was married in 1989, he has two children and is very involved in their education and sporting and activities. He has coached his children’s youth sports for football, baseball and basketball teams and has managed boxing competitors, including Doc Nickelson and Andy Lee.


Resource markets are known for their cyclical trends, going through big ‘booms and busts’ a fact that makes people shy away from them. However, if invested at in the right way and at the right time, people can reap big and diversify their assets. There are some things to keep in mind according to Stansberry Research before thinking about the resource sector (

The sector works like free markets where each time supply and demand get out of hands the markets respond to create an equilibrium. That is, if supply is scarce in relation to demand, prices will rise which will attract new capital for those in search of profit leading to more production increasing the supply as prices fall to reach an equilibrium. In most markets, producers make these changes constantly, but in the resource sector, it takes some time.

Stansberry Research found out that this is because the sector is time-and-capital-intensive and starting a venture such as drilling a well, a mine or a farming operation takes a lot of capital and time.

Producers do not stop producing when prices fall based on their big investments. This increases the supply and demand imbalances that take longer leading to high price swings on both extremes not seen in other markets. Buying a commodity following a considerable bust and when prices are low is one of the best ways to make a fortune in the future.

Stansberry Research recommends coffee as it is currently at low prices. They quote two times in the past when coffee rose by 45% in 10 months in 2015 when it had low prices, and in 2014 when coffee prices rose 92% in just 11 months. They believe a similar gain can be achieved within the next year in the coffee sector. They think marijuana is the next big trading opportunity pending legal battles.

Stansberry Research is a Baltimore, Maryland-based investment research company offering its subscribers financial information and software. It provides markets briefings on investments opportunities in the global market, commodity markets, currency, and updates on world stock markets. Its weekly publications focus on financial and economic strategies and opinion on individual markets, gold, oil and the dollar markets.

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Matt Badiali recently released a video entitled freedom checks. The video has been watched by millions of Americans, and most of them are wondering what freedom checks are. Matt explains that freedom checks are nothing close to the government programs such as social security or even any type of retirement account but a different kind of investment entirely. Matt further explains that the checks are much better and there is no age limit or income restriction to acquire the checks. The freedom checks investments are generated from large companies that deal with production, processing, storage and also the transportation of natural resources particularly the oil and gas industries in the US. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

The investment expert says that due to “Statute 26-f” most of the organizations that issue freedom checks are allowed to operate tax-free as long as they fulfill two critical requirements. The requirements state that an organization should generate 90% income from oil and gas production and processing particularly in the US and consent to pay profitable freedom checks to the stakeholders of the company. Currently, 568 organizations are allowed to give freedom checks since they meet the Statute 26-f requirements.

Matt was seeking to make profitable investments in natural resources when he discovered freedom checks. Having worked for reputable companies and traveled across the globe, he stumbled across the unique freedom checks while he was involved with the CEOs of mining and oil companies. Some of these notable companies include Master limited partnerships. The organizations should be able to pay 90% of the revenue generated by the investors and stakeholders, and that is what Matt is calling freedom checks. The freedom checks are similar to traditional stock dividends, but investors do not pay tax on them since they are primarily treated as a return of capital rather than income. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

With the thriving business of oil and gas production in the US resulting to reduced importation from middle east, the companies are expected to generate massive profit in the near future thus enabling them to pay an estimated $34.6 billion through freedom checks. The profit is expected to rise high to the point that some individuals termed it as a scam, but Matt illustrates how real the deal is to the investors. Matt and his followers have made substantial gains through investments like MPLs. He began his career as a scientist, and he holds a degree from Penn State University in earth sciences. He also attended Florida Atlantic University where he achieved his masters of Science in geology.


These days clients and partners everywhere are finding it more and more difficult to find the type of legal services that they are looking for from a firm. This task has become harder simply because of the lack of trustworthy law firms out there. However, the Fagali law firm is certainly a law firm that anyone could reasonably put their trust into. This firm uniquely combines the work efforts and knowledge of their staff along with a sincere dedication to the needs of their clients and partners. The team that is working for the firm has been qualified for everything that they practice in, and they have also worked hard to pick up skills that come in handy for sticky situations. Some of their experience lies with Compliance, Public Law, Election Law, and Advertising law, and it is easy to see how they have easily earned their great reputation in these areas.

The FAGALI advocacy firm can provide their client base with legal services that are ethical, modern, attentive, and responsible, a combination that is unfortunately hard to find with many of the legal services provided by any other firm.

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About Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a name that has been floating around for years now. Bruno Fagali is a committed individual that has earned his place in the upper ranks of the law. Clients find that working with Bruno Fagali is not only easy, but it also puts their fears to rest. Bruno Fagali has been practicing law for years now, and has experience with with providing clients and partners the services that suit their interests. There are not many individuals out there that are dedicated to their practice, but it is easy to see that Bruno Fagali is. Ever since Bruno Fagali founded the Fagali law firm in 2016 he has been providing clients with the dedication and commitment that they deserve.

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Nick Vertucci is an independent real estate investor and founder of the NVREA(Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy)system he created in 2014. The program is a detailed analysis on how he entered the real estate market in the early 2000s and became a successful investor and entrepreneur. Vertucci and his team offer sit-in seminars and listening sessions in many cities across the country, providing insight to individuals who are looking to get into the real estate market.

The steps include everything from prospecting potential purchases, to the design and renovation elements, and finally to the completed project and how to market for sale. The NVREA system also covers quick buying and selling, along with holding on to real estate equity by assessing market trends and selling at the most opportune times. Tips on how to manage cash flow and how the use of savings accounts such as IRAs and 401Ks, leading to long-term financial stability is also routinely discussed.

Nick Vertucci struggled for many years to find what would eventually become his passion. He came from a modest household and after losing his father at age ten, he would go on to see his mother working long hours to support the family. He became involved selling computer equipment but when the market crashed at the beginning of the 2000s, Vertucci was forced to change how he made his living. After attending a real estate seminar with a friend, Vertucci was inspired to learn as much information on the profession as possible. He has since made millions of dollars and the development of the NVREA system was designed to provide his insights and experiences to the next generation of real estate entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs is a topic that Nick Vertucci believes very strongly in. He comments that the American society has lost its will to take risks in the marketplace and as a result, less professionals are reaching their full economic potential. He hopes his academy will revive that passion for self-employment and renew the spirit of entrepreneurship that built our country to what it is today.

Dr. Johanan Rand, President of the Medical Centre since 2010, an expert in integrated medicine. Studied at Howard University college of medicine, did his internship at St. Barnabas Medical Centre. With his knowledge, he is accredited to practice medicine in New Jersey. Dr. Johanan Rand social media acknowledgement enables him advice and connects with people worldwide. His facility deals with patients with ageing problems and also weight reduction concerns. He is considerate and thoughtful to his patients. He acts as a mentor to his patients at his 50 years of age.

Dr. Johanan Rand has passion in assisting patients with getting on problems by providing them with relevant information to provide comfort. In the Medical Centre, he advocates for ways to cut weight. His desire in the field enables him to develop certain instructions that help avert diseases, restore health and guarantee healthy ageing. He comes up with HCG diet (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) a hormone produced when a woman is expectant and protects the embryo. HCG supplements make patients lose extra fat and may not necessarily feel hungry after consuming a limited calorie meal. It also prevents deterioration of the muscle. He recommends this method for people who want to lose weight within a short period.

Dr. Johanan Rand says that people have both good and bad hormones. Bad hormones accumulate as the person grows old while good hormone levels reduce. Examples of insulin, cortisol are bad hormones, good hormones are testosterone, human growth hormone. He balances the two hormones, and the patients are seen to be more energetic. The benefits of this include less chances of cancer and heart disease. Dr. Johanan Rand also treats patients with ageing conditions such as less memory retention, low libido and anxiety among others. He ensures that the good hormones are brought back by giving bioidentical hormones to the patient. These hormones are said to be safe compared to synthetic hormones.

Dr. Johanan Rand also advocates for physical exercises since it increases lean body mass. The increase will then cause a decrease in fat and prevent illnesses such as diabetes. The workers will have to conduct a blood test, after experimenting, the patient can advise on a better diet and an exercise program.