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Glen Wakeman is a South Florida entrepreneur who has extensive business experience over the past thirty years. He also writes on a blog which is frequented by other entrepreneurs and those who aspire to become one. The types of things he writes about are management, administration, international economics, strategy, emerging markets, and more. Glen Wakeman has mentored many C-level executives over the years and two professional organizations, Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees, have contracted with him to provide them with counsel.

His latest enterprise is LaunchPad Holdings. He founded this company in order to help entrepreneurs get through the startup phase of new ventures. He noticed that many entrepreneurs didn’t have well thought out business plans so he created an online platform where he guides them through the process. Having set up a large number of firms himself over the years, Glen Wakeman is well qualified to provide this type of assistance (

In order to create a business plan on the LaunchPad Holdings website it costs $100. The process of taking an idea to a viable business plan takes around a half hour. Glen Wakeman says that over the years he had been approached by many people who had great ideas to develop a business around but their plans didn’t work out for one reason or another. He said that after thinking about this and doing some research he came to the conclusion that their businesses usually failed because they hadn’t put a good business plan in place first. He has said that an idea isn’t a plan in and of itself.

Over the course of his professional career Glen Wakeman has lived and worked around the world. He’s worked in several countries in Europe as well as Asia and Latin America. Thousands of people now follow him online from around the world since he has so much global experience in the business world.

Glen Wakeman says that it took a bit of time before LaunchPad Holdings started making a profit. He has said that entrepreneurs should never expect to start making a profit from day one. Instead, it is a slow and steady process which takes patience and resources.


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