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The Founder of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has always had an interest in studying the human mind and its choices (Crunchbase). His wider interest as a scientist included the big questions like the origin of our existence, human consciousness, astronomy and especially neuroscience. Jorge Moll entered medical school to study neuroscience, but his interest parallel to the brains function was another interest in the newly developed scientific field of Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI.

The two disciplines of neuroscience and the further study of MRI drew Jorge Moll deeper into the medical field of interest which is how does the human mind help us to make choices. While his interest in MRI imaging was an introduction to his later studies in human choices it was the development of FMRI which allowed a further development of his specific field of studying thru specific images the response of the brain, in non-intrusive ways, in making these conscious choices.

Jorge Moll’s neurological studies took a more sharp change towards studying the specific field of human choices as moral judgments. Jorge Moll, in the early years of studying the subject’s moral judgment, developed a methodology in which he could present to his research subject different imaginary or real scenes in order to probe what lobes of the brain were activated when presented with these morally judgable scenes. With these preliminary and primitive successes, Jorge Moll laid a firm foundation to further his deeper studies into mapping our more robust studies which studied the lesions of subjects who showed impaired judgments because of lesions diagnosed as having been damaged.

Jorge Moll’s research and the founding of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education has allowed further research into the multiple or singular functions of different parts of the brain and further allowing these parts of the brain to be understood within motor or moral functioning. Jorge Moll’s latest research has shown how certain types of giving of oneself, either to good causes or sacrificially, stimulates certain areas of the brain known as rewards or for filial satisfaction.


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