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David Giertz is know for the things he has done for himself. He has made something out of himself because he worked hard.

David has been working as a finical advisor for over 30 years and is good doing what he does. He has been working with Nation Wide Investment company since the year 1999 which is a long time for the same company. When 2013 hit he became vice president for this company working out of Ohio. He has been given credit to work as a broker through several different places but one of them is called the General Industry and Products exam. While David was working for this company he found that most of the time employees were not leaving the job because of more money but because they felt they were not being heard and that was something he worked to fix during his time. To fix this he made it where there was a meeting so more peoples voices could be heard.

David Giertz likes to start his morning early that way he has time to find himself before any meetings he has that day. He tells people to be more organized and life will be easier for them. He likes to think that technology is very interesting because it is always changing and is never the same in any way. Find people from an early start that can help and mentor you in the best ways when looking for investments. This is very important in the line of work he does. Networking for other people early in any career is important because then you know people who do the same things you do and most of the time they have been doing it longer than you have.

When he talks about the things he has done with his life he is very happy to talk about the scholarship he has made to help others get to be where he is in life.

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