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Matt Badiali recently released a video entitled freedom checks. The video has been watched by millions of Americans, and most of them are wondering what freedom checks are. Matt explains that freedom checks are nothing close to the government programs such as social security or even any type of retirement account but a different kind of investment entirely. Matt further explains that the checks are much better and there is no age limit or income restriction to acquire the checks. The freedom checks investments are generated from large companies that deal with production, processing, storage and also the transportation of natural resources particularly the oil and gas industries in the US. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

The investment expert says that due to “Statute 26-f” most of the organizations that issue freedom checks are allowed to operate tax-free as long as they fulfill two critical requirements. The requirements state that an organization should generate 90% income from oil and gas production and processing particularly in the US and consent to pay profitable freedom checks to the stakeholders of the company. Currently, 568 organizations are allowed to give freedom checks since they meet the Statute 26-f requirements.

Matt was seeking to make profitable investments in natural resources when he discovered freedom checks. Having worked for reputable companies and traveled across the globe, he stumbled across the unique freedom checks while he was involved with the CEOs of mining and oil companies. Some of these notable companies include Master limited partnerships. The organizations should be able to pay 90% of the revenue generated by the investors and stakeholders, and that is what Matt is calling freedom checks. The freedom checks are similar to traditional stock dividends, but investors do not pay tax on them since they are primarily treated as a return of capital rather than income. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

With the thriving business of oil and gas production in the US resulting to reduced importation from middle east, the companies are expected to generate massive profit in the near future thus enabling them to pay an estimated $34.6 billion through freedom checks. The profit is expected to rise high to the point that some individuals termed it as a scam, but Matt illustrates how real the deal is to the investors. Matt and his followers have made substantial gains through investments like MPLs. He began his career as a scientist, and he holds a degree from Penn State University in earth sciences. He also attended Florida Atlantic University where he achieved his masters of Science in geology.


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