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Graham Edwards is a United Kingdom property developer and the Chief Executive Officer of the Telereal Trillium a company known for its great impact in influencing property market in the UK. The company is a merger of two different companies that is, Telereal and Trillium which took place in the year 2009. The man behind orchestrating the entire deal was none other than Graham Edwards.

Graham Edwards holds other leadership positions an example being he is a co-owner and a Chief Executive Officer of the Castle Water which is the best private water retailer in the United Kingdom. As the CEO of the company Telereal Trillium, Graham has remained focused on all the company’s dealings including money transactions among others. The company has a philosophy of giving back to the needy by performing charitable works.

According to Graham Edwards, competent leadership is the corner stone of subsequent success of any kind of business. Before working at Telereal, Graham Edwards worked at both BT Group Plc’s and Merrill Lynch property. Graham Edwards went to King’s College in London where he pursued Masters of Arts, International Relations and National Security Studies. He is also a graduate of the University of Cambridge in India where he did Masters of Arts, Economics.

During Graham Edwards’ tenure as the CEO of Telereal Trillium, indicators of how successful he has been all through are evident. This indicators include the presentation of the company with the investor in People Award back in the year 2006 and also the recognition of the company on Sunday Times Top Track list of the top 100 independent companies in 2016. With Graham Edwards as the CEO, the company was also able to bring several clients on board such as Royal mail, Birmingham City Council, BT, Virgin Media and Barclay among others due to the company’s reputation for continuous excellence.

Graham Edwards believes in not only hard work but also setting targets towards goals that surpass an individual’s belief. Apart from his job, Edwards is an investment expert and enjoys other activities such as playing tennis and skiing.

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