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The company Southridge Capital LLC entered a purchase agreement with the Dallas-based Elite Data Services back in 2015. The purchase agreement was of equity worth 5 million USD. Since the then, the Southridge Capital LLC has been growing more substantial in both services and proportions.

Southridge Capital LLC is working in the finance sector. It specializes in direct investment as well as advisory services for companies of the small and middle markets. The company is also strongly involved in the investment business. Since 1996, the Southridge Capital LLC has managed to invest but 2 billion in businesses around the globe and aid them with their growth.

The Dallas-based Elite Data Servies Inc. is working in the tech sector, It creates software to use in marketing and advertising of assets that they either own or control. The technology that the Elite Data Services uses is advanced and proprietary. It provides clients with marketing and advertising solutions that are designed to yield results and generate a higher revenue for the client. The Elite Data Services is working with businesses in the automotive industry, gaming, hospitality, and so on. For more details visit LinkedIn.

The tech portfolio of the Elite Data Services is rather extensive. It is enhanced with resources for content production and the company;’s expertise in software development. That positions the business to introduce a new approach to marketing models today. That has also made the Elite Data Services a highly attractive client and business partner for the Southridge Capital LLC.

According to company leader Stephen Hicks, the Elite Data Services is precisely the time of company that the Southridge LLC wants to invest in. The company fulfills the aspects of innovation and influence as well as the promise of contribution to their sector and industry in the future as well as now.

Mr. Stephen Hicks is serving as the Chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer of the Sujtidhe Capital LLC. He is also the man behind the company and has been focusing on it since he founded it several years ago. The Southridge is also focused on growth and beneficial investments.

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