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Vijay Eswaran says that change is a vibrational thing. What this means is that when you start making changes to your life, it will start affecting all areas of your life, including your physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. In addition, it will bring about more changes. Change brings about change. The more you change, the more you will be willing to make even more changes for the better, even in other areas of your life.

The truth is, says Vijay Eswaran, that at the beginning, you will think that a certain change is a major change. You will be afraid of making that change. You finally gather up the courage to step forward and make that change. However, once you have made that change, it will no longer seem like such a big change. Down the road, your expectations and your standards will change. You will be far ahead of your old place in life. You will now be in a new place, and in that new place, the old change will seem small, not big. You will be faced with further changes that will seem big. However, after you have made those changes, those changes will seem small as well. Change brings about change.

Some may ask whether change can be bad sometimes. Of course it can. However, not changing is even worse. When you are not changing, you are stagnant. You are dying. You need to change. Even if it turns out for the bad, you are a person who knows how to change, so you will also know how to start changing for the better again. You are a human, and humans constantly need to keep moving. You can not stay in one place for too long, not just physically, but spiritually and mentally as well. If you leave your hometown for a number of years, it will have changed when you come back. That is why you also need to change. If you did not change while you are away, you will have difficulty adapting to the new changes.