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The virtual assets and goods market is quickly exploding in cryptocurrency. One of the major places where virtual assets are exchanged is the gaming industry. Despite the anticipation of cryptocurrency igniting the gaming industry, there are security concerns with virtual assets. However, Malcolm CasSelle and his leading company may just have the solution to any and all of the security threats plaguing cryptocurrency.

Malcolm CasSelle received a prestigious education. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University, where he earned his bachelors’ and masters’ degree in computer science respectively. He put his degree to work immediately getting involved with technology and computers in the mid 1990’s.

The fluent speaker of Japanese and Mandarin has held the title of advisor, general manager, director, senior vice president and now president of Worldwide Asset Exchange(Wax). He has worked in ethnic media production. He has worked for a telecommunications service provider. He has managed direct investments for web companies. He was a top executive at discount ecommerce marketplace Groupon and the mega gaming company Tencent. In 2012, he became CEO of the video game social network Xfire. A year later he became CEO of MediaPass, a company that specializes in creating subscription based revenue business models. As the CIO OF OpSkins, he is moving the cryptocurrency industry forward with virtual asset trading platform, Worldwide Asset Exchange or Wax.

Within the world of virtual assets, there is an immense amount of marketplaces offering the buying and selling of virtual goods. However, this type of virtual reality poses as a prime opportunity for fraudsters. Wax has created a platform that secures virtual payments for their users. Wax’s technology has made the buying and selling of virtual assets secure across country borders.

The Wax platform is easing the issue of fraud with buying and selling of virtual assets. Malcolm CasSelle and his company are on a mission to enable fraud-prevention for users involved in this world of cryptocurrency. With the work this businessman has accomplished, users involved with Wax’s blockchain technology can rest assured with the security this company promises to its users.


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