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There are only a few online luxury consignors as interesting and inventive as The RealReal, which is something the brand is aware of. This is part of the reason it is attempting to grow in other ways. The brand just opened a pop-up in New York City, and it was a total success, which has prompted the company to do more of these in 2018.

Real street-level stores give online stores the kind of presence it needs to continue to shine and truly connect with fans in a genuine way. The in-store experience is something that the brand wants to revolutionize, which seems to be connecting well with the company’s many fans.

Allison Sommer, who is the company’s director of marketing, is pretty excited about opening more of these locations in prime locations. Sommer spoke at the FutureStores conference, which was held in Florida, about some of the many exciting things the company is doing with these pop-ups. The idea of turning an online brand into a regular brand seems quite powerful. The store is not opening with name recognition problems since it already has a strong online presence, which minimizes risk.

The RealReal opened up in New York back in 2016 and saw great success, but there are other locations where it has tried a pop-up like in San Francisco. There is no telling how many cities are going to get to experience what the RealReal is attempting to do, but it is an exciting time for the company’s customers.

The company has been making it a goal to hire people who have worked with high-end fashion brands. The reason RealReal has been doing this is to make sure that their pop-ups give their customers the kind of experience they are longing for.

The RealReal wants to ensure that customers feel taken care of and feel like their taste sensibilities are truly appreciated by the brand. Hiring people who know fashion and are passionate is a major step in that direction. There is no telling how far the RealReal brand can get by engaging its customers in this new but traditional way, but it seems obvious that the strategy is working out for them, so who knows how many other online brands can make the transition, too?