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USA Today released an article that has shocked the medical world. Researchers believe people can live longer lives if they drink coffee. This is opposite of what doctors have said for years, which is that coffee is not good for the human body. Researchers from USA Today spent hours researching diseases like cancer, heart disease, HIV, and more. It was proven that people who drink coffee are less likely to fall victim to cancer, heart disease, or HIV. These researchers study over 300,000 Americans, which included those with and without diseases. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

At this point, USA Today researchers cannot say with certainty why coffee is keeping people from falling victim to diseases. These researchers also cannot say with certainty if there is a limit to how much coffee a person should be drinking in the course of a day. USA Today researchers are planning to form a weekly study team as well as a weekly blog about this information. The next phase of this study is to analyze every ingredient that is found in coffee. If the ingredients that protect people from diseases can be isolated, researchers hope to add these ingredients in other foods. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

One company that is already doing this is Organo Gold. Organo Gold sells several different types of flavored tea. Every tea sold by Organo Gold is filled with Asian mushrooms. These mushrooms promote the killing of cancer cells, a healthier immune system, and better thinking. People from all over the world are beginning to purchase this tea on a daily basis. The Organo Gold website is filled with reviews from thousands of customers. Majority of these reviews describe how the mushrooms cannot be tasted in the tea, which makes the tea that much more satisfying. Organo Gold is planning on adding several new flavors to their brand over the next few months.


Most of the people in Brazil who recognize Roberto know him as a businessman. Apart from this, he is a trader and sportsman. He is a jack of many trades. At a tender age, he already owns different businesses including one of the largest malls in Paraíba’s capital known as the Manaira Shopping Center. This mall was founded in 1989 and it is competing tirelessly in the market with its excellent and eye-catching facilities. The facilities in this mall offer both a leisure and business feel. It has been known as an investment that has been well thought of and planned in order to make it a success.


Among the many facilities it has offered, some include various movie theaters which have been built using the state of the art technology. They have modern finishes and the movie projections are admirable. The sitting positions in these theaters vary depending on the one you choose. For all of them, comfort is key. The gaming facilities have also left a lot to be admired. The gaming center has more than 200 machines for gaming. The gaming fascinates both young and old because of the game range it covers.


Aside from the theaters and gaming facilities, there is the Domus Hall. This is a hall that is used to host concerts and it is located on the rooftop. The concert venue can hold up to five thousand people comfortably, both seated and standing. It is made up of two floors with seats strategically placed to accommodate any type of events. The events that can be hosted here include and not limited to weddings, presentations, shows, graduations, and events that are private among others. The mall has also incorporated culture into its building. This makes it possible for exhibitions to be held here due to its rich embrace in culture. It acts as a source of knowledge for people including children from school. The whole mall is made up of three hundred stores. Mangabeira Shopping is another investment that Robert Santiago has made in João Pessoa. It began in 2004 and is showing great progress in the market as well.


As a sportsman, Roberto has won several awards in the Brazilian kart championship. He is talented in sports as well as in business. With his passion to see ambitions fulfilled, he has made sure that he is constantly working hard towards achieving his goals. He began in a very humble background at the Café Santa Rosa. He worked his way to the top and has now built a name for himself in the business industry in Brazil and all around the world.


Roberto continues to improve both the social and economic progress in the country. What is evident is that he has catered to the needs of the people in the society through the facilities he has helped develop, the employment opportunities he has created and the overall tax that is paid to the government. Roberto Santiago a gifted businessman who calculates risks and engages in a business where other entrepreneurs would hesitate and he prospers in the things he does.



Adam Goldenberg has been through a lot of changes in his marketing career, and most notably as co-CEO of Techstyle Fashion Group he and Don Ressler have changed who the company markets to by turning it into an all-inclusive brand. Goldenberg said he didn’t want the company to just be a one-size-fits-all fashion company, but rather to become a company that could give all of its customers trendy apparel that would make them feel empowered. So the company has rolled out all sizes including plus sizes and petite, and many of their athletic wear products come recommended by celebrity Kate Hudson who’s now become the owner and face of Fabletics.

Adam Goldenberg actually started marketing in a totally different niche back when he was 15 years old by starting Gamer’s Alliance right out of his own home. It was this company that led to his joining a team of developers at Intermix Media, a company that would start acquiring all kinds of e-commerce websites and later start MySpace. It was here that he met Don Ressler and started exploring all kinds of ideas to compete with other marketing and branding companies, and the two men found Alena Media which was Intermix Media’s only revenue generator.

Goldenberg and Ressler only stayed on at Intermix Media till 2005 when News Corp bought out the company, and they decided to pursue starting their own digital media marketing venture. It began with Intelligent Beauty in 2006 in which they started off several cosmetics and health brands, but in the coming years they started veering towards the fashion industry. Since they lived in Los Angeles, they came into contact frequently with fashion models and bounced ideas off of them about how they could start a company that sold trendy but inexpensive apparel for women. In 2010, that company then knoen as JustFab took off.

Goldenberg really knew nothing about all the fashion terminology, but he had a team of fashion consultants aboard, and using social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook, he and Ressler were able to get quite a base of subscribers. They also were able to grow thanks to venture capital investors who loved where the company was going, and by 2014 after a total of $285 million in investing combined with company revenue, JustFab became a billion-dollar company. Goldenberg and Ressler have since opened up brick and mortar stores and also bought out ShoeDazzle and FL2.

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Women have always had myriads differences when it comes to the taste and preferences in regards to dressing, but one thing is for sure, they all yearn for something which will leave them looking classy and trendy but at the same time affordable. They all want to look and feel good by dressing in clothes which are fashionable and for decades now the market strives to ensure that this is taken care of. Unfortunately, not all categories have been catered for especially when it comes to matters sportswear. For many years, women have been jogging around and working out with unfashionable clothes thanks to lack of quality athletic wear in the market. Luckily, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler realized this massive gap in the market and that is how Fabletics was born. The two decided to turn things for the better by creating athletic wear which is functional, fashionable and on top of it all, affordable.

Rather than focusing on the market trends which were in place, Don and Adam put their creativity to play and created female sportswear which was not only fashionable but also met the needs of every woman. To be able to know whether their products met this criterion, Adam and Don conducted consumer tests. As a result, the duo was able to get more than they initially wanted as they also got to learn about some of the most significant problems in the women’s sportswear which was in the market at that time. For instance, they were expensive, outdated and to add salt to the injury they did not come in perfect fits.

They were either too baggy or too small which made it even more uncomfortable for a woman to engage in sports and other activities such as working out. To be able to reach their goals, Don and Adam went on to add Kate Hudson in their team. Being a woman, she was in a better position to help them as she had better knowledge of the woman’s needs. Also, she would be very beneficial as she would help connect Fabletics to the female consumers through her friendly character and also because she was a known personality.

After working out the several common problems in starting a business such as capital, the duo was now able to meet the need for complexity in female athletic wear thanks to Ressler’s experience in the fashion industry and also commitment. Since then, Fabletics has never looked back, and it continues to soar to greater heights through the provision of high-quality sportswear for women and at an affordable price. It has been able to achieve all these due to factors such as online domination, Kate’s presence which helps the company convince women of the effectiveness among many others. They also offer discounts on a VIP basis which adds an advantage to them. Nonetheless, Fabletics is a company which does not settle for less, and in early 2017 the company announced its plan to expand its market through the provision of sportswear for women who are in the plus size category.

For anyone looking to find a good lawyer in Brazil, searching through the right channels will ensure that you have a lawyer who is competent enough to handle your case. It is good to find a lawyer who has been in practice for a long time. A lawyer with experience handling numerous cases before. It’s also good to ensure that the lawyer you hire aha s a good understanding of the type of law to be applied in your case. It is not advisable to find a criminal lawyer to handle your business case. Someone whose experience and practice fall under the type of law to be applied in your case is the best bet.

The education system of a lawyer in Brazil is rigorous and only determined, and committed people can go through the whole process of registration. For one to qualify as a lawyer, there are five years of a mandatory undergraduate program. After the law degree, one is was required to join a school of law from where they sit for a bar exam that determines if they will be inducted into the bar or not. Only those who pass the bar examination are allowed to practice law by the Brazilian bar council. One lawyer who has gone through the whole stages of registration is Ricardo Tosto.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is the founding partner of one of the biggest law firms in Brazil. The law firm is called Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Ricardo Tosto is specialized in business litigation. He practices credit recovery, reorganization, acquisitions, business restructuring, administrative law, commercial law, election law, civil law, banking contracts, and bankruptcy.

Before joining Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados law firm, he worked as a human resource adviser and legal management officer in a Brazilian company known as Grupo Rede. He was also a director at another Brazilian company known as Fundação Rede de Previdência Privada.

Ricardo Tosto has been recognized by the Who’s Wh. He was nominated as one of the best lawyers in Brazil in the category of business litigation. He has also been recognized by other two publications; Legal 500 and Brazilian based publication Análise 500.

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Classdojo is smartphone application which facilitates communication between a student’s teacher, their parents, and the student themselves. It is used at schools across the United States and internationally having been converted into a number of languages. The users of this app can communicate in through text messages, photos, and video. The goal is to get everybody working together as a team so that the child’s education is successfully supported.

Classdojo was released several years ago and is now being used in about 90% of K-8 schools in the nation. Internationally it is being used in more than 180 nations around the world. 20% of the individuals behind the app were formally teachers which informed the team on what was most important to include in the app.

The Classdojo app includes a video that teaches Growth Mindset with Empathy. This helps children form socially into children that thoughtfully think and treat others with respect. Since this was included in the Classdojo app about 1 in 3 kids between the ages of 5 to 14 have viewed the video.

There are four main areas to the Classdojo app. The first one is the Classroom which is where the culture of the class is formulated by the teacher and the students together. They can decide which areas are most important, such as teamwork or creativity, and then work towards progressing in those areas which are shown on the app. The next area is Messages where parents, teachers, and school administrators can send messages to each other instantly.

The Stories area of Classdojo is the pictures and video section. Students can create their own stories in this area and share it with their parents and teacher. Finally, the Big Ideas area gives teachers and parents a way to access content that includes things such as the aforementioned Growth Mindset.