George Soros Shocks the Philanthropy World by Donating $18B to OSF

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On October 17th, 2017, George Soros, did the unthinkable by giving away a jaw-dropping $18 billion to his Open Source Foundation. The figure dwarfed any other private donation given to a single charity organization in all recorded history, according to the New York Times.

The massive donation made Soros’ OSF the second most well-funded philanthropic entity in the U.S and globally. OSF ranks second to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Armed with the billions, the foundation gears up to become ever more vocal of social, civil, and political injustices pervasive in marginalized quarters of the population.

Soros and his foundation have in recent times embarked on a boisterous endeavor to tackle the historical injustices meted towards the LGBT communities by the American police.

Soros Funds Anti-Trump Protests

Previously, the OSF was one of the largest donors towards fighting the sporadic Ebola outbreaks in Africa. The organization also pays a keen interest in nurturing the arts and culture scene of the disparaged Roma people. Soros doled out an estimated $10M following the election of Donald Trump as the president of the U.S. The money went into organizing protest rallies against the surging hate crime attacks that were taking place all across the nation in 2017. Soros was categorical in saying that the election of President Trump had coincided with the awakening of ‘dark forces of intolerance’.


The American far right movement has fought a bitter battle with George Soros for years. The far right supporters claim Soros is a devil who seeks to undermine the will and sway of elected democracies under the pretense of promoting liberal reforms. The billionaire’s unwavering stance has earned him mortal enemies outside the U.S in far-flung places like in Ireland and his native country, Hungary.

The C.E.O of the National Philanthropic Trust, Eileen Heisman, however, disagrees with Soros’ naysayers. Heisman argues that America needs Soros now more than at any other time in history. The CEO also lauds the 82-year-old as being a straight shooter with no hidden and ulterior motives behind his massive donations.

The incoming president of the Open Society Foundation, Patrick Gaspard made it absolutely clear that the ascent of Donald Trump had effectively pushed OSF to go into a high gear.

Living in Closed Societies

Soros’ early life was defined by unending pain and struggle. He, of all people, ought to know the struggles and the pains associated with living in a closed society having grown up in Nazi-occupied Hungary until 1947. The Open Society Foundation derives its name and mindset from one of Soros’ favorite philosophical novel, ‘Open Society & Its Enemies.

Political and Social Benefactors

After successfully completing his economics studies at the LSE, he went on to dominate the global financial scene for the next couple of decades. One of his milestone achievements was when he predicted the fall of the British Pound in 1992. That single deal saw the world-famous hedge fund maestro earn close to a billion dollars and there was no stopping his zeal from there on. Soros would use his newly acquired fortune to impact positive social political change in the world.

Today, he’s revered as one of the most reliable and generous donors to the Democratic Party in the U.S. on average, OSF gives away an estimated $800M to 900M annually to a vast plethora of organizations that promote equality, fairness and justice for all people regardless of their race, creed and sexual orientation. and Follow him

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