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Amicus Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company located in Cranbury New Jersey. This firm came into blue light and known to the public in 2007 under the tenure of NASDAQ with the tradi8ng symbol of FOLD. This came as a result of the laid plans and subsequent quit which put in place the trading symbol AMTX. This company got support from various capital firms such as Radius Ventures, Canaan Partners among others. Follow Amicus Therapeutics on Twitter.

Amicus Therapeutics is at the frontline in providing therapies specifically for rare and orphan illness. The firm is equipped with outstanding platform technologies and medicines which are harnessed to develop remedies for people affected by rare and devastating illness which include Lysosomal Storage Disorders Fabry disease, the Pompe disease and also Epidermolysis. This calls for patients with the rare disease to be the epitome of the company’s inventive science, commercial structure and its clinical programs. The objective deployed at all levels of Amicus Therapeutic is to create a significant positive impact on the lives of the patents in this community affected by the rare disease and their caregivers. Read more at about Amicus Therapeutics.

The company’s best product candidate referred to as migalastat, mark a personalized medicine which is in its last stage of development manufactured to treat patients with Fabry diseases depending on the grounds of their genetic diagnosis. The SD-101 product candidate contains content which is first-to-market therapy developed for rare genetic connective tissue disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa. Amicus Therapeutics is committed to leveraging their biologics and Chaperone-advanced replacement Therapy (CHART) which are meant to provide platform technologies which create novel enzyme replacement therapy products applied to treat Fabry, Pompe, and Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSD). The company’s leading biologics program got engineered Pompe disease ERT given in combination with a pharmacological chaperone. Amicus Therapeutic firm got broad development network meant for treating various human genetic illnesses.


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