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Rodrigo Terpins is a sports lover. His desire for sport links genetically to his father Jack Terpins and brother Michael Terpins. Their father was an entrepreneur, in real estate investment. Being a basketball player, he was devoted to protecting the interests of youths with a passion for sports. Michel Terpins desire is in riding bikes and racing cars.

Merging Efforts

The two brothers grew with attachment to sports. They formed a duo to build talents and skills, and compete in various rallies in Brazil. They are both members and participants of Bull Sertões Rally Team. The 44 years Rodrigo has joined his 40 years’ brother in the Sertões Rally. With love for speed and rough road terrains contributed to the success of the two brothers in winning Brazil championships.

Rodrigo participated in the 22nd edition Sertões Rally race with more than 200 racers. According to the sports driver, Sertões Rally race was enjoyable, shorter, a smooth and pleasant drive with a delightful script. It was a prototype T1 category that constituted of bikes, trucks, motorcycles, cars UTV’s, Quadricycles and cars. The rough off- terrains motivate Rodrigo.

The two brothers have won several matches in Brazil Championship. Just like their father, they are contributing to significant success in rallying. Rodrigo has built his confidence and enjoys the rough terrain with the #326, and he won the 2,600 kilometers Sertões Rally.  Check out terra to see more.

In the last four seasons, Rodrigo and Michel have participated in various races. Their merged efforts and passion for cars excite their drive in the rough terrains. With time they’ve grown their experience. The duo has landed a victory in many races through collaboration. They drive T-Rex, designed by MEM Motorsport. This machine is intended to withstand harsh terrains. Rodrigo Terpins passion for T1prototype has built his confidence in enduring many terrains.

Growing Passion

Rodrigo intentions to merge with his brother Michel are geared to improving racing techniques and winning the game. In the 22nd Sertões Rally race that covered 2600 kilometers, was a recommendable competition for the two brothers. Racing is not a career but a passion for Rodrigo and Michel. They enjoy their ride on the T-Rex machine, MEM sports car design. Check out Facebook page to see more.

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