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Women have always had myriads differences when it comes to the taste and preferences in regards to dressing, but one thing is for sure, they all yearn for something which will leave them looking classy and trendy but at the same time affordable. They all want to look and feel good by dressing in clothes which are fashionable and for decades now the market strives to ensure that this is taken care of. Unfortunately, not all categories have been catered for especially when it comes to matters sportswear. For many years, women have been jogging around and working out with unfashionable clothes thanks to lack of quality athletic wear in the market. Luckily, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler realized this massive gap in the market and that is how Fabletics was born. The two decided to turn things for the better by creating athletic wear which is functional, fashionable and on top of it all, affordable.

Rather than focusing on the market trends which were in place, Don and Adam put their creativity to play and created female sportswear which was not only fashionable but also met the needs of every woman. To be able to know whether their products met this criterion, Adam and Don conducted consumer tests. As a result, the duo was able to get more than they initially wanted as they also got to learn about some of the most significant problems in the women’s sportswear which was in the market at that time. For instance, they were expensive, outdated and to add salt to the injury they did not come in perfect fits.

They were either too baggy or too small which made it even more uncomfortable for a woman to engage in sports and other activities such as working out. To be able to reach their goals, Don and Adam went on to add Kate Hudson in their team. Being a woman, she was in a better position to help them as she had better knowledge of the woman’s needs. Also, she would be very beneficial as she would help connect Fabletics to the female consumers through her friendly character and also because she was a known personality.

After working out the several common problems in starting a business such as capital, the duo was now able to meet the need for complexity in female athletic wear thanks to Ressler’s experience in the fashion industry and also commitment. Since then, Fabletics has never looked back, and it continues to soar to greater heights through the provision of high-quality sportswear for women and at an affordable price. It has been able to achieve all these due to factors such as online domination, Kate’s presence which helps the company convince women of the effectiveness among many others. They also offer discounts on a VIP basis which adds an advantage to them. Nonetheless, Fabletics is a company which does not settle for less, and in early 2017 the company announced its plan to expand its market through the provision of sportswear for women who are in the plus size category.

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