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Ever since being founded in 2008, NuoDB has been pushing the envelope in terms of what is possible in a cloud database environment. They’re taking this classic technology and improved it dramatically. Best described as a newSQL cloud database, NuoDB has been able to take a classic technology and take it to the cloud.

Because it is a newSQL database, NuoDB takes classic components from relational database managing such as the syntax and design of database queries and allows them to be reformed in new ways. NuoDB focuses on scalability to the point of being considered elastic; this means that not only can it stretch to grow, but it can also return to its original state. Removing computers does not cause the same problems that used to, no one machine is essential because the entire database is distributed across the entire system.

This elastic scalability also comes with an additional benefit. Because the system is distributed across many computers adding additional computers does not slow the system down it actually makes it run more quickly.

There was so much more under the hood of NuoDB than can be explained in a short article. Conveniently, however, NuoDB offers a free version for the community to test and try out for themselves. This free version shows just how confident or in their product and its usefulness in any organization.

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