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E-commerce personalization is the name of the game when it comes to targeting consumers with just the right products to meet their needs and expectations, and Sentient is at the leading edge in that regard with their artificial intelligence concepts which are posed to increase the profits of those who harness it. Individual customers all vary greatly in what they are willing to pay for, and if a company can better meet their needs then revenues are sure to increase.


It’s all about expanding beyond the geriatric methods such as personalized email offers and providing today’s impatient online shopper with almost immediate results aimed at their needs and mindset. This means that there is basically a different version of the store presented to each consumer which is totally impossible in conventional brick and mortar locations. At least 5 main tactics are integrated through the Sentient Aware backend:


  1. Product Discovery – The artificial intelligence is able to go farther than the more simplistic and cumbersome methods of tags or other customers’ shopping behavior to reveal products that some may not even be aware existed or that they could use. Each item viewed adds to the profile of the individual user in order to be able to showcase to their desires.


  1. Visual Search – Image-based searching technology is able to analyze the photos of products rather than simply basing things on user descriptions or webmaster input. Users have their tastes fine tuned with each click in the store so that the products they are directed to continue to improve.


  1. Alternative Products – When a product is out of stock or there is only limited versions available (such as specific sizes) then the artificial intelligence of Sentient is able to get products that closely match in ways that are not possible through traditional methods. This means that a lost sale has a potential to be recovered when the shopper sees the alternative that they find intriguing as well.


  1. Dynamic Landing Pages – Online stores have about 8 seconds to grab the attention of the potential purchaser according to some studies, and if they do not grab it that quickly they are likely to see an increased bounce rate rather than a sale. Personalization is critical in this regard.


  1. Intelligent Remarketing – A lot of sales are abandoned with customers leaving items in their online shopping cart that can be used to later retarget. Their behavior can also be used even when something was not added to the cart but simply browsed.


E-commerce personalization has to continue to evolve, and AI methods are the best way to do so. Sentient is able to combine all of the aforementioned techniques so that the end result will be more customers being linked with the products that they need or desire. In order to stay ahead of the competition it is important to insure that a store utilizes such techniques better than others in the same space.

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