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Lime Crime Cosmetics is a popular cosmetics brand that has a huge customer base. A Russian immigrant, Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe was raised up in the city of New York where she also managed to attend her graduate studies. The headquarters of Lime Crime Cosmetics are situated in Los Angeles. The cosmetics line has gathered a huge following through its presence in social media and it mostly markets its products through the same platform. Lime Crime Cosmetics are known for their vibrant colors and high quality. The company has an excellent management team which is led by Doe Deere who serves as the CEO.

Lime Crime Cosmetics is meant to suit the modern woman. The makeup line normally produces lipsticks that come in various shades of red, blue, orange, pink, purple, yellow and green. Doe Deere created an Instagram account for Lime Crime Cosmetics where users of the products post pictures of themselves using the products of the company. The Instagram account has over two million followers currently. Since its inception in 2008, Lime Crime Cosmetics has experienced lots of growth and success. Through the excellent leadership of Doe Deere, Lime Crime Cosmetics has earned a reputation as a reliable and efficient company when it comes to the cosmetics market.

The main aim of Lime Crime Cosmetics is to assist women in becoming bold through the use of makeup. The success that Lime Crime has experienced over the years can be attributed to their active social media presence. Recently, the makeup brand managed to launch a new makeup product that is known as Pocket Candy Palettes. This product is an eye shadow that has been packaged to resemble the traditional Polly Pocket toys used by kids in the 90s. The eye shadow palettes have been produced in three different eye shadow shades with each compact consisting of both bright and neutral shaded. A customer can purchase one palette for $34 and the whole bundle for $90. For the women who wish to stand out, Lime Crime Products are the go to products that also come in different colors depending on your occasion.

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