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Life is a journey that has a funny way of humbling us… or rather smoothing out our rough edges while simultaneously traumatizing us. The forms in which these events that help us to move forward (or hold us back on occasion) vary greatly. For some it is in the form of a mental health illness, and for others there exist a struggle to release themselves from past wrongs or inflictions. Even so, sometimes as individuals we just need someone to talk to and who can help us through strenuous times.

Unlike traditional face-to-face therapy, Talkspace provides individuals with an innovative app that allows for individuals to correspond with licensed mental health counselors via text, phone call, email, and numerous other platforms. It would appear that the versatility and personalization of the app may allow for those with too busy of a schedule, or individuals who do not wish to leave their homes with a way to seek the help that they need.

Because individuals are communicating with certified therapists the app is not free. Those who wish to utilize the services offered must pay $125 a month. This is a small price for bringing the therapist’s office to the person in need. Each person that chooses to use the app has a brief discussion with a representative to help determine which therapist would be the best match. If it is not a good match, the individual can change therapists.

Lastly, Talkspace offers many therapists with a wide range of specialties. Some therapists specialize in treating depression. It can be argued that using the app for therapy could decrease the sense of shame or stigmatism felt when fighting depression. Similarly, there are other therapist who specialize in border line personality disorder and the struggles that accompany the disorder. Try Talkspace today!

Dr. Mark Holterman expertise in the field of medicine is remarkable. He is a renowned surgeon in Peoria, Illinois working with several hospitals. He has practiced medicine for more than twenty years and won many awards and recognitions for his work. Among them is America’s top doctors for seven consecutive years in the year 2008 to 2014 and Chicago Magazine top doctors. Dr. Mark Holterman studied at the University of Virginia School of medicine where he acquired his medical degree.

He has certification in pediatric surgery and surgery with the American Board of surgery. Dr. Holterman graduated with bachelors in biology at Yale University before he joined the school of medicine. He later acquired a residency in general surgery at the University of Virginia and attended a pediatric surgery fellowship at children’s hospital and medical center with the University of Washington.

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Dr. Mark Holterman’s has adequate experience in pediatric surgery. He works as an associate professor in the University of Illinois College of medicine, where he serves in the department of surgery. He serves as a CEO at Mariam Global Health. In addition to these roles, Dr. Mark Holterman also works as a surgeon in other hospitals. He is a member of the surgical team at children’s at OSF Healthcare where he has served since 2011. He supports charity organizations that cater for children welfare to improve access to surgical care. The international pediatric specialist for children of Vietnam is one of the beneficiaries.

Dr. Mark Holterman is an established medical researcher dedicated to improving health care. He is a member of the American Diabetes Association that conducts research and education on diabetes. In addition to being a member of several non-profit organizations, Dr. Holterman has been instrumental in the formation of Hannah sunshine foundation. The non-profit organization caters for children with rare diseases. Read more Q&A at with Dr. Mark Holreman.

Canada is known for brewing different kinds of beers. Some of them include spruce beer, ice beer, cream ale and craft beer. These beers are brewed by companies like Garrison Brewery, Muskoka Brewery, and Wellington Brewery.

Over the years, production and packaging of craft beer have experienced a lot of changes. In 2015, those firms brewing craft beer started brewing cider. This is a fermented fruit drink. They also changed its packaging from the traditional bottles to aluminium cans. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Ottawa Citizen.

Growth of Steamworks Craft Breweries

Eli Gershkovitch is a prominent Canadian businessman who was born in 1975. He is the chief executive officer of Steamworks Craft Breweries which was founded as a small pub in Gastown in 1995. It started by producing 15 to 17 beers annually and had only six craft beers in its first year.

At the same time, it had only 184 seats. Over the years, the firm has grown incredibly as it enjoys a 754-seat capacity today. Eli opened his own full-scale brewery in 2013. His production has increased, and his products have reached many countries. Steamworks operates several bars and restaurants in Vancouver, which serve Steamworks craft beers. This has increased the popularity of his brands.

Eli Gershkovitch Achievements

Eli believes that through innovations, his company will stand the test of time. Steamworks uses both traditional and new innovative business methods. Through this, he is able to defeat his competitors. Steamworks capitalizes on the production of quality beers and selling them at low prices. This increases their profit margins keeping their revenues high.

His work has become such a great success. His beers are enjoyed throughout Canada and in 14 U.S. states. Steamworks is known for producing craft beers like Pilsner and Pumpkin ale, which have won awards. Pilsner was recognized as Best BC Craft Beer by BC Craft Beer Awards for two years consecutively. Pumpkin ale also received a gold medal at the 2013 Canadian Brewing Awards. In July this year, Eli attended the U.S. Open Beer Championship where he was a top contender. Read this article at

He succeeds because he loves to take risks and explore areas that have not been explored. His passion for his work extends even to his life. He uses the profits from his company to buy more cars, and he also owns two planes.

Giving Back To the Community

Eli Gershkovitch gives back to the community by sponsoring local events in Gastown area. Since he is also a resident in this area, he has helped in the growth of the town.


Drew Madden is a businessman, an entrepreneur and an IT executive in the health and fitness industry. His is one of the managing partners at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. It is a relatively new position.

Evergreen Healthcare Partners

For those unfamiliar with the company, Evergreen Partners offers Healthcare IT Services to a number of different potential customers all across the country. Prior to his current position, he served as the president of Nordic Consulting Partners for about five years.

Nordic Consulting Partners

Nordic Consulting Partners focuses on providing their high net worth clients with both consulting and recruiting services. The company has approximately 300 customers in total. Drew Madden first signed on with Nordic as the vice-president of operations roughly seven years ago.

Drew Madden’s daily responsibilities in the position included (but were not necessarily limited to) business development, new account management and maintaining the company’s already existing clientele. Ah, but Madden’s resume does not end there. He has yet ore work experience.

Ingenix Consulting

Madden also worked as a sales director at the company known as Ingenix Consulting. His main task was to develop new and additional sales accounts. He was also responsible for maintaining the already existing customer base. While he reportedly did well at this job he eventually grew interested in pursuing other career interests and related business opportunities.


After graduating from high school Madden decided to apply to the University of Iowa. He was accepted and eventually graduated with a BSE in Industrial Engineering. He was in the top of his graduating engineering class.

Additional Information

Drew Madden also holds numerous career-related certifications as well. He is certified in Epic Inpatient Medication Orders. He also is certified in Epic Inpatient procedure orders. Finally, he has been endorsed by several different ex-coworkers from colleagues at Nordic Consulting Partners as well.

OneLogin is an identity management company that allows people to login to multiple applications through its single-sign on feature. It removes the hassle of creating a different username and password for each application that an employee must access in order to complete their work within a company. In a recent post on the company blog, oneLogin advised that businesses should improve their removal of old employee profiles and focus more on training their internal staff in techniques to protect against cyber security attacks.

The company believes that other companies need to be more aware of whether old employees can access their accounts after rolling off of a project or moving out the company entirely. It refers to these accounts as “zombie accounts” with a reference to the white walkers from the show Game of Thrones. OneLogin believes that if the cyber security department of a company does not properly shutdown, suspend or completely remove access to an old employee account, then those same employees could potentially return to access confidential company files months after they have left. Another possibility is that an employee’s private computers could be hacked through a trojan which could then access the company portal assuming that the employee still left the portal “open” in some way shape or form. This type of occurrence could completely compromise the data of a company and lead to great financial loss through various lawsuits.

This last example ties into the next point: employees should be trained on basic cyber security practices no matter department they are in. OneLogin advises that their should be a well-defined standard for passwords used to access company applications. This practice is the first and one of the most important practice because it is simple to comprehend by any employee. Creating a strong password also stops brute-force attacks and guards against hackers gaining easy access to a plethora of company data.

OneLogin offers cloud-based identity management software that accelerates and facility access to internal company applications. Its recent article advising on ways to improve cyber security should be read by any company who would not like to become another example of poor cyber security on the local news.

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The primary aim of any and all investors is to make money from their money as it how the wealth is created. However, how to know where to put the money, especially when you are a novice when it comes to investments and finance? It is where Agora Financial comes in. They have over twenty finance and investment based publications specific to different industries that provide detailed market analysis  reports to its readers to ensure they are kept in the loop about where the market is heading and whether it is the right time to invest in the particular industry or not.

Agora Financial has predicted much popular financial news in the past and has an excellent track record of guiding its readers in the right direction when it comes to finance and investments. As the economic markets are very volatile, it is essential to have the proper guidance to know where one should invest and what investment options to stay away from. Making right investments at the right time would help in taking your finances a long way from where it is now and ensure that you can achieve the investment and financial goals with ease. Agora Financial is one of the oldest publication houses from the business world and has been around since 1979.

Agora Financial spends over a million dollars every year in just travel expenses for its reporters to travel around the world to research in-depth about what is going on in different industries. It helps in getting the firsthand knowledge about the industry updates and helps in making the right prediction regarding where the market is heading. It is this knowledge which the Agora Financial passes down to its readers, who can make use of the provided information to make the right investment decisions.

As every sector gets more competitive and people continue to look for new marketing methods to increase their sales and revenue, using unique marketing mediums has become essential. It is where the online marketing comes in. It is cheaper than traditional forms of marketing and the impact of online marketing, when done correctly, lasts for a very long time to come. There are many companies out there that provide online marketing services and offers free first consultancy as well, but one must always choose a trusted name in the search engine marketing industry. It is because it is a service that has an abstract form that cannot be measured by layman quickly, and the results you get from the search engine marketing techniques may not last for the substantial amount of time if implemented implicitly.

White Shark Media is a trusted search engine marketing firm that has been around for many years and has provided search engine marketing services to numerous small to medium-sized businesses. The company understands the importance of online marketing in today’s world and has helped multiple companies to sea-change their turnover entirely by assisting them to reach out to new clients and explore new markets. Search engine marketing supports the company’s website to rank higher on the search engine pages and improves the branding and marketing efforts of the company as well. More and more people get to know your company through the online marketing techniques implemented by White Shark Media. It is evident from the White Shark Media Reviews of various clients of the company that the firm gives hundred percent to every project they take up.

If you are serious about taking your business to the next level and want to ensure that you get the kind of popularity and positive response you expect from online marketing, then consulting and hiring White Shark Media is an ideal option.

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer and chairman of OSI Group, a leading global supplier of custom value-added food products. The company has been delivering its leading products to world’s largest food service and retail food brands. Lavin is highly revered in the food and meat processing industry. He is the president of OSI International Foods. He is actively involved in the company’s operations with the objective of enhancing its success and competitiveness in the global food industry.

Since 1970, Lavin has gained extensive industry experience. His relationship with the company started when he was asked to arrange financing for Otto & Sons, which was renamed to OSI group. Under his leadership, OSI Group rapidly grew from a local food processing company to a global industry leader. The company has more than 60 facilities, which are spread across 60 countries.

In acknowledgement of Lavin’s significant accomplishment of bringing OSI Group into the international platform and contributing to worldwide job growth, India’s Vision World Academy presented him with a Global Visionary Award in 2016. Lavin said that he was humbled and honored to be a recipient of such coveted award. The executive was also proud of his efforts in helping OSI Group to grow into a global powerhouse. Lavin has spent his life focusing on the overall welfare of the company and its employees across the world.

Under Lavin’s visionary leadership, OSI Group has received multiple sustainability and environmental awards. The company has continued to expand its operations to other parts of the globe. Lavin hopes that the forthcoming generations of corporate leaders will be eager to prioritize the sustainability of their corporations. Lavin says that he desires to inspire the next group of corporate leaders to commit themselves to growing their firms in responsible ways that contribute to the development of the global economy and provide their teams with great opportunities.

Lavin continues to dedicate his time to charitable causes even as he works full time to ensure that OSI Group maintains its leadership position in the industry. He is involved in charitable activities, including supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities. Lavin posits that he has always been proud of giving back to the society. Sheldon’s words of wisdom are an inspiration to startup companies and professionals. At the core of his company is an entrepreneurial agility and passion that leads to curiosity and a can-do belief in customer collaborations. To this end, customers turn to OSI Group for fresh and innovative approaches to deliver the next generation of food solutions while turning their ideas into viable products.

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Anthony Petrello is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors industries. Nabors industries is world’s largest oil and gas drilling firm founded in the year 1968. Anthony is also a Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee of Nabors Industries Ltd. Nabors industries operate internationally in the United States, Africa, Far and the Middle East among other regions. The company’s corporate headquarters are in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Nabors industries provide professional drilling services, advanced performance tools and innovative technologies internationally. Nabors has an experienced workforce that continues to set new standards for operational excellence and transforming the industry. Over the years, Nabor industries has flourished and advanced its operations internationally. Nabors has more than 500 types of equipment that are in service in over 25 different countries.

Anthony Petrello is charged with the management of the leadership team, formulating strategic plans and ensuring their implementation. He also recruits the perfect individuals to fill the top positions in the company. He links well with the company’s current and potential investors. Anthony is well known for having a great team spirit which comprises of William Restrepo the Chief Financial Officer, Mark Andrews the Corporate Secretary, Carina Lovato Gillenwater the Vice President, Human Resources, Siggi Meissner the President, Global Drilling Operations & Engineering and Christopher Papouras the President, Nabors Drilling Solutions.

Over the years of working, Mr. Anthony gained a lot of skills and experience in operations of the Nabor Company resulting in his CEO seat promotion. Additionally, Nabor industries share price went up since Anthony became the chief executive officer of the business. In 2013, Anthony appeared among the 50 top-paid CEOs in the United States. Prior, he received an honors rank with over 68 million dollars net-worth resulting to an increase in salary.

Anthony rose through the ranks at Nabors industries over the years from Deputy Chairman, Chief Operating Officer to chief executive officer. Before working at Nabors, Anthony also worked as a Director of Stewart & Stevenson. Anthony is currently involved in several board member memberships including; Texas children’s hospital where he serves as the director Since February 2011. Anthony also affiliates with where he also serves as the director.

Mr. Petrello went to Harvard Law School where he graduated with a bachelor in Juris Doctorate He later advanced From Yale University; he graduated with a bachelors and masters degree in mathematics. Anthony began his career as a managing partner at a New York-based law firm known as Baker and McKenzie.

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When it comes to database management, no company is as efficient as NuoDB. NuoDB is a company that offers some of the most productive SQL database management systems and has been developing its own SQL based technology since it first opened its doors to the public. Barry Morris and Jim Starkey were the two people who founded this company and have implemented their visions to make this business the success that it is in the industry today. NuoDB operates out of its headquarters in Massachusetts and offers its database solutions to clients who are coming to them from all over the country. The company has provided these database management solutions to clients coming from a variety of different sectors, and to businesses of varying sizes.

One of the key factors behind the success of NuoDB is the constant development of technology that they try to implement. The company had always tried to develop the current SQL technology even further, which is when they came up with NewSQL, which is a developed version of traditional SQL based systems. This technology is one of the main reasons why the company has gotten so well known in the industry and is being sought after by large corporates.