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There are several reasons to switch your current financial provider, if you’re trying to avoid excess account related fees by choosing NexBank. Their accounts feature access to your balance with the use of many multiple compatible devices. Customers love their integrated website that features online services also available at their land-based financial institutions. In fact, their stock holders were proud to back their CEO and president, John Holt, on his goals to expand because of his contribution to collection of $24 million in common equity. The mission of NexBank continues to be improving the services of their individualized customers.

NexBank focuses on three core financial services that include industrial, commercial, and investment banking. They protect their customers with the highest standard of government insurance along with over $40 billion dollars in current assets. Their IT professionals are highly trained and certified in handling your hew or existing account issues. NexBank continues to have the expertise to compete in competitive financial network with the right tools. Enjoy services like interest bearing savings with 1.9% interest earned on your deposit after, three months. These are integrated features used to improve the experience of their personalized account holders.

NexBank Services & Features

– Get anytime access to your account

– Easily switch money in between accounts

– Mortgage accounts

– Free direct deposit

– Online bill pay options

– 24 hour account assistance

– Multiple device compatibility

Their CEO and president, John Holt, spoke at the Texas Banker’s Association Annual Strategic Financial Opportunity Conference, and was a keynote speaker on restoring the trust in the financial sector. He says, patrons must believe in investing in their retirement, or starting a small business by investing in their paycheck. Discover the NexBank for more details, and new customer promotional offers; introducing superior banking.

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