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End Citizens United is political action committee that is raising cash in order to help in getting more Democrats to get elected to the Congress. It is to be noted here that this is a committee that is focusing on driving out black money from politics. Now it is trying to raise big money.

End Citizens United had collected over $4 million. This was over the first quarter this year. Now it is projecting to raise more than $35 million. This is to be done before the midterm elections to the Congress that will take place for 2018. All these details pertaining to fundraising have been provided in USA TODAY. This is a major surge when compared to those $25 million which the PAC had taken in its 2016 election, which was the first of its election cycle during its operation.

Nearly 100,000 had contributed to this PAC. This was during these first three months of the year. Out of these, 40,000 had given the very first time. This was disclosed by Tiffany Muller who is the President as well as Executive Director of this PAC. The aim of this group is the electing of campaign finance reform champions into the Congress by helping in their campaign.

The average amount of contribution that has been received by the PAC this year is $12. This indicates that the donors to this group have felt that this is a rigged system. This is because they feel that the ones who donate more have the maximum say.

In addition, Democrats are not happy with the win of President Trump. They are now trying to fight this. They are not happy with his agenda as well as his nominees. This includes Judge Neil Gorsuch who has been nominated to the Supreme Court.

Now this political action committee is urging the contributors to give $500,000. This will be used for the campaign of Jon Ossoff. He is a political Democrat candidate for Georgia. He is 30 years old. He has managed to raise $4 million for special election on 18 April. This is for fill the seat in the Republican House that was left vacant in Atlanta by Tom Price, the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

End Citizens United is still looking at which races it is going to play an active role during 2018. It has already identified that a role will be played in defending the Democratic Sens. Sherrod Brown along with Jon Tester who will be standing for elections next year.

The name of End Citizens United is based on the decision of the Supreme Court taken in 2010 related to Citizens United. It had allowed for the union as well as corporate donations. These were used for candidate elections. They helped to launch the PACs that were allowed to raise as well as spend huge amounts.

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