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Securus Technologies is considered one of the most successful companies in the field of prison technology. The company has helped in bringing revolution in prison technology and can provide a wider range of innovative and easier to use products and services which were thought impossible to make. Securus Technologies has always focused on the research and development sector, and that is why it can become successful among its competitors. The products and services offered by it are cost-efficient, innovative and simple.



The company has almost invested six hundred million dollars for patent acquisition and research and development to stand among its competitors. It is now thinking of widening its portfolio by introducing new and innovative products to its customers. Inmate communication is made a lot easier by this company. It has also launched a video visitation service which ensures that the family members of inmates can not only chat on a daily basis but also see their loved ones who are locked in prison. With the help of this technology, the family members feel a lot more comfortable and are now free from the painstaking and time-consuming process of meeting their loved ones in jail.



The services for inmate communication are offered by an operating system known as ConnectUs. It helps people to connect to their loved ones in prison with the use of their smartphones. They can easily make an account, recharge it, make video calls, do a video conference and send or receive money through this operating system. The company has made its services user-friendly and easier to understand. One single application by this company solves a lot of problems that arise during inmate communication. Due to its ease and cost efficiency, customers prefer to sue the services offered by Securus Technologies.



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