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People have to retire and they worry about building a nest egg so that they can actually retire without worries throughout the golden years. Many professions give people extra funds but these people often do not understand how to invest their money.

Where, When and How to build wealth can be a headache. Doubts on how to sort through conflicting advice can be very difficult.

There are many wealth stealers such as Bankers, Taxmen, The Fed, Brokers, Politicians and even Insurance Companies, which are hard to protect yourself from that would love to take a person’s saving from him.

Agora Financial has helped people protect and grow their wealth for more than a decade. They offer books, free newsletters, online publications, seminars and documentaries, which over one million subscribers already take advantage of.

Agora Financial has different profile modes for your investment. Each one is designed to fit any individual’s investment preferences, from tips on finding rapid growth opportunities, secrets of generating income, and wealth protection strategies. Agora Financial’s research is always unbiased and independent. The company’s analysts go on the scene to find investment opportunities as opposed to many other companies that keep their analyst only in their offices. By investing in this strategy, Agora Financial is able to seek and find opportunities before they become successful companies and investing in them is no longer such a great opportunity.

Agora Financial has a qualified team that includes an Ex-Banker to the Presidents, an Ex-Hedge Fund Manager, and Award winning Filmmaker, a three-time New York Times Best selling author, a Pulitzer Prize nominated Journalist, the world’s leading bond experts, a self-made Billionaire and Philanthropist as well as a Harvard Trained Geologist prepared to find the best investment opportunities. Since 1999, Agora Financial has predicted more than 4 major investment opportunities in gold, housing, oil and medicine.

Agora Financial is and will continue to be a leader in the financial counseling market for more than two decades. With Agora Financial’s amazing resources, they are able to help individuals make amazingly successful investments.

With more than 14 publications in the fields of natural resources, penny stock recommendations, and other kinds of investments, Agora Financial is able to offer a complete range of financial strategies and investment ideas. Agora Financial wants to help you to protect and grow your wealth.

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Securus Technologies is considered one of the most successful companies in the field of prison technology. The company has helped in bringing revolution in prison technology and can provide a wider range of innovative and easier to use products and services which were thought impossible to make. Securus Technologies has always focused on the research and development sector, and that is why it can become successful among its competitors. The products and services offered by it are cost-efficient, innovative and simple.



The company has almost invested six hundred million dollars for patent acquisition and research and development to stand among its competitors. It is now thinking of widening its portfolio by introducing new and innovative products to its customers. Inmate communication is made a lot easier by this company. It has also launched a video visitation service which ensures that the family members of inmates can not only chat on a daily basis but also see their loved ones who are locked in prison. With the help of this technology, the family members feel a lot more comfortable and are now free from the painstaking and time-consuming process of meeting their loved ones in jail.



The services for inmate communication are offered by an operating system known as ConnectUs. It helps people to connect to their loved ones in prison with the use of their smartphones. They can easily make an account, recharge it, make video calls, do a video conference and send or receive money through this operating system. The company has made its services user-friendly and easier to understand. One single application by this company solves a lot of problems that arise during inmate communication. Due to its ease and cost efficiency, customers prefer to sue the services offered by Securus Technologies.



There has been a lot of misconceptions about Social Security as observed by the President of Nationwide Financials sales and distribution organization, David Giertz. He also realized that the retirement fund is not enough because the contribution starts late and disbursement early regrettably because of savings insufficiency and medical conditions. Nonetheless, he advises a client not to entirely depend on social security as it is not income but rather supplements it.

David Giertz explains that even if 62 years is the set minimum eligible age for one to receive social security benefits, holding up a little bit for let’s say 65-67 one would have a bigger monthly check. This means at 62; there is an applicable permanent percentage reduction that’s exempted at latter days. Additionally, Giertz makes it known that social security benefits are taxable. At least $1 for every $2 earned above the yearly limit which is $15,720.

Recent statistics indicate about 37% of the retirees do not live to their envisioned retirement plans due to health problems and lack of knowledge thereof. This notwithstanding, David says that the importance of social security cannot be belittled. He advises clients to have a close walk with financial advisors who will help you maximize your social security benefits regardless of other unfortunate events.

About David Giertz

David Giertz is a financial advisor with Nationwide Investment and currently is the President of sales and distribution department. He is registered with FINRA to make securities transactions. Elsewhere he has worked for Citicorp Investments, Financial Horizons Securities Corporation, Mutual Life Insurance Company – New York, Mony Securities, and the Skokie Federal Savings.

He has had to successfully go through four exams to certify him as the financial advisor. These exams are Municipal Securities Principal, General Securities Principal Exam, Uniform Securities Agent State Law (NASAA) and the General Securities Representative Examination. David Giertz is affiliated with Nationwide Life Insurance Company. He is currently based in Dublin, Ohio where he oversees managerial and administrative duties at the Nationwide Investment and is doing fairly well. Concurrently, he is a securities broker.

Starting a business is a difficult process. Many people dream of escaping from the typical drudgery of working for someone else. The technology industry booming with new companies.

Eric Pulier has had many years of experience working in the field of technology. With this experience, he has started several successful companies. Anyone who wants to start technology business should look at his method for starting companies. He spends a lot of time mentoring people who are trying to start a business.

Early Career

In the early part of his career, Eric Pulier did not know what he wanted to do. He knew that he wanted to work in  technology industry in some capacity. He bounced around to various jobs in order to gain experience. Although that was a frustrating time in his life, he now credits that experience for a lot of his success.

Eric Pulier was able to learn a lot about different aspects of the technology industry. With this knowledge, he is now able to understand different areas of his company better. In the years ahead, he will continue to rely on his knowledge as works to expand his company.


Financing is a difficult subject for business owners to understand. Some people want to borrow a lot of money at the beginning of their business journey. The problem with this strategy is that it greatly increases risk of default. In addition, it lowers the cash flow that the business will have to work with.

Eric Pulier recommends that people attempt to start a company with little or no debt. Although this may be difficult at first, it is the best way to improve your overall success in business. Eric Pulier is a great example of how to start and run a business in this industry.

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Poverty is one of the biggest issues in the world today. Billions of people live in poverty throughout the world. The biggest problem is that it is difficult for people to get out of poverty. In country’s where the poverty level is high, there is little access to education. This perpetuates a cycle of poverty that few people can get out of.

Avaaz is an activist group that is trying to change this. Over the years, this company has helped thousands of people get out of poverty. In a lot of cases, it is simply about providing educational opportunities to these people.

Business Opportunities

Another great way for people to get out of poverty is to start a business. Many people today do not understand all of the issues in starting a business in developing nations. Avaaz works with people to provide all of the paperwork and funding needed in the beginning. Just a few dollars a day can radically change a person’s life.

Over the years, Avaaz has helped many people get started in business. This is a great way to combat poverty in the years ahead.

Next Steps

Avaaz wants to help as many people as possible throughout the world. The biggest problem facing Avaaz today is a lack of capital to help others. With all of the changes happening throughout the world, Avaaz has a lot of opportunity to help others in many ways. Flickr Photos.

In the coming years, Avaaz wants to play an integral role in changing the world.

In May 2017 Highland Capital Management Korea closed an equity fund worth $147 million in capital commitments. The fund which is private and healthcare focused has the South Korea Pension Service as the anchor investor. The National Pension Service was created in 1988 and is valued at $499.8 billion. Highland Capital Management Korea is a subsidiary of investment management firm High Capital Management L.P., which is based in Dallas, Texas.
Investors in the equity fund have an objective of investing in the South Korean healthcare space. They want to access co-investment opportunities as well as to serve their strategic goals in China, the US and Korea. In Asia, Highland Capital is partnering with Stonebridge Capital, a private venture and equity firm based in Korea, which help them in managing the fund. The fund is Highland Capital’s first private equity fund in the Asian healthcare industry. Asian investors have been showing interest in the healthcare industry but previous investments were made via multi-purpose funds or on a direct basis.
Carl Moore, Highland’s managing director, says the funds strategy is in line with Highland’s core competencies and expertise in the healthcare industry. Mr. Moore states that healthcare is the company’s exposure and during the company’s 15 years of existence more than half of their funds were related to firms in the healthcare industry.
The new fund will primarily target middle market companies in the Asian and North American healthcare space. By May 2017, Highland had healthcare assets worth $1.5 billion under management. The assets span multiple fund structures and asset classes. Matt Jameson another managing director at Highland Capital notes that the US healthcare industry is under pressure from multiple disruptive forces which are affecting middle market companies. Additionally, the increased number of old people in both Asia and America is leading to higher utilization levels of healthcare facilities. Consumers and governments are also demanding for more complex products that cater for new ailments. These factors have created significant investment prospects for healthcare investors.
Highland is an investment company with over $15 billion in assets under management. It specializes in credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations and private equity. The company also offers alternative investments in natural resources and emerging markets.

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The trabuco is very similar to a catapult and both were common Medieval war machines. The mechanism of a Trabuco works by having a counterweight pull down an arm which in turn hurtles the intended projectile in a large sling on the other end. These projectiles could be anything that could fit in the sling. Probably the most common were boulders, parts of ruins, and fireballs. It is known that on several occasions diseased corpses were used. Although the world’s militaries have long since ceased using the trabuco in battle, they are still used for recreational purposes such as the popular Pumpkin Throwing. Girded with the right instructions, you can construct your own Trabuco.

One way is to make the base of wood with a length and width that will vary according to how big you want it to be. You can then form the rest of the body of the Trabuco out of PVC pipe. However, if you intend to build a large one, you will want to consider if you have enough space to hurtle the projectile on Regardless of the size, you will want to take into consideration whether or not this is something that will be transported from place to place. If so, you will want to construct the Trabuco so that it can be disassembled.

The world’s first recorded Trabucos in China were entirely human powered. The largest known of this variety was a huge described in an ancient military treatise as one that was operated by 250 people. Although this is the biggest of this kind on record on, there were apparently other really big ones at this time. However, these were also apparently rare since they depended on the operation of so many people. In addition, all of these people had to be in exact sync at all times or the Trabuco wouldn’t be as effective. This was so hard to do that this kind of Trabuco soon stopped being used.

But this change when the hybrid Trabuco was invented. The hybrid Trabuco made it so that a counterweight levied on the short end of the arm would cause the slung end to catapult. Thus, this did away with the need for people to pull ropes to propel the projectile. The first record of the hybrid Trabuco being used in battle was in the thirteenth century on This too disappeared in military matters with the invention of gunpowder.

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Honey Birdette, an Australian lingerie brand, has just released it USA website that is dedicated to e-commerce. Honey Birdette also has plans to increase its current UK based stores from the total of three to a total of 40 by December of 2018.

The Honey Birdette brand was established by Eloise Monaghan in the city of Brisbane in 2006. After seeing a nearly 400% increase in sales over the past year, a USA site as well. The USA site is designed to greatly improve the consumers’ experiences with faster delivery time, and even free delivery for orders greater than $50.00. The USA customer will have a wider product range and easier returns.

Honey Birdette also seeks the possibility of retail locations in the USA. In the UK, Honey Birdette has stores in three locations, which are in Covent Garden, Leeds’ Victoria Gate and also Westfield White City, with hopes of increasing this number with another 37 stores in the UK. These stores are targeted to be in, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle and Westfield Stratford and other locations.

In Australia, where Honey Birdette started, it has a total of 55 stores. The Honey Birdette group is also targeting other premium European locations as well.
Average premium label prices are around £35 for briefs, while bras are labeled at approximately £60 each. The private investment company, BBRC, backs Honey Birdette.

Honey Birdette came to be in 2006 with the mission of putting more sensuality into the Australian bedroom with provocative lingerie as well as luxury bedroom accessories. Honey Birdette features many products including high-end bedroom toys and beautiful lingerie that are specially produced in order to increase pleasure in the bedroom.

In visiting a store, one can immediately identify the flirty and sensual aura and beautiful decoration as well as being served champagne.

Honey Birdette locations also feature toys and items for sensual games which will not only increase the pleasure in the bedroom but will also empower women. Honey Birdette collections feature lace detailed lingerie to even S&M wear. Honey Birdette is led by Eloise Monaghan, who is the Creative Director. She is dedicated to making sure Honey Birdette’s collection is complete.

Agora Financial is the company that is providing the financial literature that is going to make people take notice of market trends that can affect their bottom line when it comes to investing. Agora Financial is paving the way for better investing because the analysts that are part of this organization are helping people see a brand new method for investing.

Agora Financial has been quite successful when it comes to helping people see that there is more to investing than the limited scope that they may have had in the past. So many investors will find themselves in a place where they are trying to narrow down the investment options that they have in place. Sometimes it is easy to pick Investments that are going to provide a good return on investment. This happens sometimes, but most of the time it is a difficult process. People have to really do their research to find worthy investment opportunities.

There are many investment opportunities, but there are few investment possibilities that would be considered a sure thing. People that are trying to maximize their return on investment should study what a company like Agora Financial is providing. This is the type of organization that is going to give new investors a much better perspective. It is also going to help the investor change the way that they manage their money.

Agora Financial is going to change the entire scope of the financial investing world. People that subscribe to the publications of this private publishing company are going to feel much more confident about their portfolios and the investments that they have made. People that are investing for long-term purposes are going to enjoy the fact that they have access to information that other investors are not going to be privy to.

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The cries of mankind and the earth isn’t disregarded. City associations, including the USA, based non-profit and world activist, Avaaz is undeniably making impactful steps towards incapacitating the operators driving conflict, corruption, poverty, and inequality among other issues. The internet structured activist system has been classified as the globe’s most powerful and biggest development as indicated by The Guardian. The organization’s components entail a profoundly brightened organization of powerhouse sector activists such who incorporate the co-founders Tom Pravda, Andrea Woodhouse, Ricken Patel, Jeremy Heimans, Eli Pariser, Tom Perriello, and David Madden.

Since the beginning of 2007, Avaaz has set out on various missions upholding for human rights, poverty, animal welfare obligations among others. The association’s leader, Mr. Patel has a wide political foundation that covers the affairs of philosophy, politics, and economics. The Harvard University alumni is a recognized Public Policy Specialist having earned a Masters from the said institution. Prior, Mr. Patel pursued studies in PPE – politics, philosophy & economics while going to Oxford University’s esteemed Balliol College. While authorized by the ICG – International Crisis Group, Mr. Patel assumed a vital part in subduing political strife and terrorism in areas within Sudan, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Liberia. He’s also greatly involved with the MoveOn (mobile activism framework).

Avaaz has been regarded for reinforcing the battle against Fossil fuel contamination. With a petition that attained nearly three million signatures, policymakers in Europe have diverted their interests on prioritizing on the Earth’s survival. In another situation, the development has set out on the goal to keep online platform free and open. Moreover, Avaaz drove an attack on chemical sector heavyweight – Monsanto which is accountable for mass pollution across South Africa and Europe. That led to its site of glyphosate farming ceased. With world Marine Reserves under risk and as environmental factors get worse, Avaaz has got a supplication to secure what’s left of oceanic life.