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ClassDojo is a very effective tool in regards to easily communicating with the student and teacher very easily but it does far more than that. The app can be used to share pictures and videos of your child too.

Above and beyond that, ClassDojo has a rewards program built into it. Every time the student is caught doing something good, demonstrates teamwork, or any other positive behavior the teacher can reward the student with Dojo Points by the teacher. The students learn that they get more attention with positive behavior vs. trying to seek negative attention. The students can see easily see the number of Dojo Points that they have earned and accumulated and will continue to work hard to earn additional points. The points are often exchanged for some tangible item or a small party to reward the student as well. This process is far better than the previous method where most of the attention gained was when the student was misbehaving.

When students misbehave they can also have some of their Dojo points removed for bad behavior as well. This is often more effective in helping the child to get back on track and going in the right direction. The great thing about this is that the parents can also see the progress of their child. The student’s behavior often doesn’t warrant a phone call, whether bad or good, but the parents can view this activity and help encourage their child to get back on track when they have their off days and continue to encourage them to excel when they have great days too.

The app is fairly new but has been very effective in helping the parents, student and teacher develop a better communication to help the student continue to strive and do their very best. Check out the app today!

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