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Though the world can seem to be a violent and hurting place, individuals consistently rise above apathy and move towards action. One way that many global citizens are acting is by joining together in an online, people-led movement called “Avaaz”. This global community of activists has been growing since it first formed in 2007. Currently Avaaz has almost 45 million members world wide, and the list is growing by the second. Why? It is because this group gives individuals something that they long for: A voice.

Avaaz, which means “voice” or “song” in the Persian language, and has roots in other Middle Eastern, European, and Asian languages. The organization collects donations and funnels them towards causes which are decided by the many world-wide members to be important. Through joining a mailing list, members are notified of causes and can act quickly to mobilized change. They can form off-line protests or gatherings, can direct monetary funding to a cause, can petition political leaders for changes to law and policy, and can aid in global disasters. The organization is known for being flexible, nimble and quick to act. This can be important at times of conflict or crisis, because events transpire quickly. Effective aid must happen in the moment, not a year or two later. Avaaz embraces technology and does not shy away from being known as an online community. The use of technology adds to their speed and effectiveness.

Members of this global community say that it has changed their view on the world. Because they now have a voice, they feel connected and involved rather than afraid or powerless. Avaaz states that their members cover a wide range of demographics. The categories and separations of age, sex, race, creed, political affiliation, background, employment titles, and economic status dissolve as people unite as a shared human collective with a desire to make the world a better place.

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