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USHEALTH Group Inc. is an innovative health insurance solutions provider that serves the individual insurance market. The Group offers innovative covers through its subsidiary companies known as National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The covers include specified sickness, life, accident, and disability insurance covers. Its primary customers include small business owners, families, self-employed professionals, and employees of SME businesses. The enterprise has taken a proactive approach in servings its growing list of customers. It has taken every life-threatening risk in its products features into consideration. The customers are well covered. The covers also include compensation for possible financial expenses that a client might incur as a result of the illness.

Some of its products such as Premier Choice Specified Disease/Sickness Plan is a unique family insurance covers in the market. The team at USHEALTH has incorporated a lot of benefits that exceed expectations of most users. The cover enables the customers to take charge of their health coverage. What makes it unique is the fact that the product allows customers to supplement their existing medical plans without losing their benefits. The “roll over” feature ensures that a client does not lose benefits if he or she does not utilize them. One is covered on or off work because the product is a 24-hour coverage. Customers are assured of help when they need it the most.

The company has gone ahead of the rest of the pack in the industry by offering innovative solutions that traditional markets failed to address. Its products range is not comparable to what most companies are offering. The Group understands that what matters to customers is finding a partner who provides cost-effective solutions to their most pressing problems. Few companies on the highly competitive individual insurance market in the industry have had the same level of profitability and growth as USHEALTH Group. Click here to know more.

The commitment of USHEALTH Group to raising the bar in the insurance market has not gone unnoticed. The Group won ten awards in 2016. Some of the most prestigious ones include the Most Innovative Company of the Year (Stevie Award) and One Planet’s CEO of the Year Award that was won by Troy Mcquagge. Troy is the CEO and President of the enterprise. This recognition is a demonstration of the commitment of USHEALTH Group to offering innovative products and unrivaled customer relations management. The profile of USHEALTH keeps rising every year. The Texas-based company serves more than 15 million individual customers throughout the US. The company has been serving customers through its subsidiaries for 50 collective years. Customers who are concerned about their security have a reliable partner with a unique selection of healthcare products that are affordable and flexible.

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