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Talos Energy of Houston, Sierra Oil and Gas of Mexico, and Premier Oil of London have joined forces work on the Zama-1 project. Following a vote in Mexico, it was decided that foreign competitors would be allowed back into Mexican waters in an effort to safe Mexico’s failing oil industry. After a round of bidding, the three companies mentioned above were awarded with the honor of participating in this entire which is to be called Zama-1. This is the first time the state run monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos will not be in charge of oil explorations in Mexico since the late 1930s when the oil industry was nationalized.

Zama-1 is located in the Sureste Basin and considered to be in a prime location to be highly successful. It is thought to hold anywhere from 100 million to 500 million barrels of high quality crude oil. The duration of the project will not exceed three months and it will cost about $16 million to undergo the exploration. This venture is a key point of interest for everyone in the oil industry since it has the potential to turn around the Mexican oil industry. Sierra Oil and Gas has the highest stake in the Zama-1 well at 40%, but Talos Energy is operator of the well and has a 35% claim in the venture.

Since the 1930s, Talos Energy is the first foreign operator to work in Mexican waters. Ash Shepherd was awarded the honor of being Oil and Gas Investor’s Thirty under 40 recipient. He is the commercial manager at Talos Energy for Mexico and it is thanks to him that the deal with the Zama-1 exploration went smoothly. He signed the first couple of production contracts immediately following the Constitutional Energy Reforms act which allowed foreign competitors back into the Mexican market.

Talos Energy recently acquired Helix Energy Solutions Group after its huge success in the Wang exploration. This new par to the company will allow them to make the advances they need in the oil industry. President and CEO of Talos Energy, Tim Duncan, firmly believes this will propel Talos forward and allow the company to achieve great success.

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Bruno Fagali is a young lawyer who has strived to be successful in his career. The attorney is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is appreciated due to his excellent understanding the law. He currently acts as an associate at a firm that is located in the city. Fagali has managed to handle cases that deal with anti-corruption, compliance, elections, and public law. Nova/SB Marketing appointed him to be its corporate integrity manager. His primary obligations at the company include administration, strategic planning, and dealing with integrity matters. The Bruno Fagali is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, French, and English.

Fagali completed his undergraduate studies in law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. He was later admitted at the University of Sao Paulo where he was offered a master’s in public administrative law. Apart from the knowledge that he acquired at the universities, he has also learned from institutions that include the Institute of Administrative Law Paulista and the prestigious Brazilian Society of Public. They are both located in Brazil. Tojal once offered an opportunity for Bruno Fagali to serve it, and this allowed him to learn a lot about public advisory laws. He also gained skills about handling litigations that deal with consumer law, civil law, and domestic violence. Fagali served on the Program of Improvement Teaching when he was still studying at the University of Sao Paulo.

The Brazilian attorney has always been passionate about Bruno Fagali career. He has made significant accomplishments that have assisted in transforming the country’s legal industry. Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics once offered him an opportunity to act as its associate due to his excellent knowledge in the field. He has outstanding skills in analytics, and this made him be chosen to serve the guidance committee of the organization. Another major accomplishment of Bruno Fagali is writing a publication that enlightened Brazilians on anti-corruption and the support that is needed by organizations that are striving to end the vice. The views that he expressed in the work show how much he is devoted to his career and his anti-corruption expertise.


Cassio Audi was the drummer for Viper in 1970’s. He worked hard to be able to make the band work and did everything that he could to put the band together and make it work. It allowed him the chance to show off his talents and make music. It also gave him an opportunity to bond with other people who played music even though the instruments that they played were vastly different. Cassio Audi, unlike most drummers, was the one who founded the band and put it all together for people to be able to enjoy. He was the glue that held the band together and functioned as so much more than just a simple drummer who was working with the band to do things that other bands were doing the same way. Cassio Audi was an excellent musician and a great businessman when it came to music.

As the band got better, Cassio Audi enjoyed every second of the experience. They went on tour, they had a single that was a hit, they even got a taste of fame that they would be able to take with them for the rest of their lives. Things were great for Viper and that showed that the men were working hard on their music and doing a lot with it.

Before Viper disbanded, they were able to set the stage for metal music in Brazil. While it was booming in the United States and even the United Kingdom, this was the first time ever that metal was doing well in Brazil. There were not many Brazillian bands before Viper showed up on the scene but there have been many since they were on the scene. Cassio Audi is one of the biggest influencers in Brazillian metal music in the past and today.

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Though the world can seem to be a violent and hurting place, individuals consistently rise above apathy and move towards action. One way that many global citizens are acting is by joining together in an online, people-led movement called “Avaaz”. This global community of activists has been growing since it first formed in 2007. Currently Avaaz has almost 45 million members world wide, and the list is growing by the second. Why? It is because this group gives individuals something that they long for: A voice.

Avaaz, which means “voice” or “song” in the Persian language, and has roots in other Middle Eastern, European, and Asian languages. The organization collects donations and funnels them towards causes which are decided by the many world-wide members to be important. Through joining a mailing list, members are notified of causes and can act quickly to mobilized change. They can form off-line protests or gatherings, can direct monetary funding to a cause, can petition political leaders for changes to law and policy, and can aid in global disasters. The organization is known for being flexible, nimble and quick to act. This can be important at times of conflict or crisis, because events transpire quickly. Effective aid must happen in the moment, not a year or two later. Avaaz embraces technology and does not shy away from being known as an online community. The use of technology adds to their speed and effectiveness.

Members of this global community say that it has changed their view on the world. Because they now have a voice, they feel connected and involved rather than afraid or powerless. Avaaz states that their members cover a wide range of demographics. The categories and separations of age, sex, race, creed, political affiliation, background, employment titles, and economic status dissolve as people unite as a shared human collective with a desire to make the world a better place.

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On May 15, the City of Philadelphia filed a lawsuit against Wells Fargo for violating the Fair Housing Act of 1968. They claim that the bank preyed on minorities by using malignant lending practices. The City asserts that the bank convinced black and hispanic borrowers to buy into high risk loans with high interest rates, when they really should have been putting their best interest first and offering them lower interest rates on mortgages with little risk involved. The banks also allegedly made it very challenging for these people to refinance. This led many of them into foreclosure, which ultimately benefits the bank itself.

The City spent an entire year investigating and found these crimes went back ten years. They found that black borrowers were twice as likely as white people to be given loans with higher interest rates. Hispanics were 1.7 times as likely to be pressured into a higher interest rate. All the people examined were in similar financial standing and had similar credit rates. This is not the first time Wells Fargo bank has faced legal trouble for this type of situation.

Karl Heideck, a Philadelphia based attorney and the man who explained the above proceedings, is experienced in banking litigation and is currently employed as a Hire Counsel contract at Grant & Eisenhofer PA. He has over a decade of experience in the Philadelphia area, working in the compliance, litigation, and risk management field. Previously, Karl Heideck worked as project attorney for Hamilton LLP four years where he proved himself to be a reliable employee and devoted attorney.

Karl Heideck currently works in risk management advertisement and also offers compliance consulting. He is well versed in matters such as legal writing, litigation, product liability, intellectual property, legal research and many others. Additionally, Karl Heideck writes about his experiences and puts out information on his blog about contemporary legal developments to educate and benefit the public.

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Warren Buffet believed that he could garner more returns by putting his money in an S&P passive index fund as compared to a hedge fund. So sure was he that he put up a one million dollars bet that would go to charity if he would lose. Timothy Armour respects Warren’s perspective; his thoughts are well grounded from his many years of investment. The approach Warren talks about involves cheaper investments that are held in the long term. This method has been proven to work over the years. Timothy Armour agrees with him, citing that the industry is full of rogue funds that are out to devour investors. History has proven that active funds do relatively worse than passive funds, but they can’t be ignored. Other times, it has proved its worth. Tim cites his company as an example. With 86 years of investment experience and 18 funds, it has averaged $1.47 billion annually in all circumstances. This average is after all expenses are deducted.

The Comparison

The debate, however, is not about active or passive funds. Both methods have their demerits. Despite passive index funds being the most preferred way of investing, it does not protect investors from the risk of losses during downtimes. Few investors are aware of the risks involved. According to a recent survey conducted by Timothy Armour’s firm, only 50 percent of investors knew of the associated risks. Some active funds, on the other hand, have high management fees that end up eating the investor’s returns. Others do excessive trading that provides poor returns. Investors need to understand the best course of action when investing to reap big without much hustle. It is about investors getting affordable investment option that promises high returns. With the retirement rate rising by the day, people need to know the best way to save.

About Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour is a renowned economist, with interests in the capital markets. He got his training in economics at the reputable Middlebury College.

Timothy Armour has been in the investment arena for more than three decades. He joined Capital Group as a player in the firm’s Associate Program. Armour worked his way through the ranks to clinch top position.

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Andrew Rolfe is a hard-working professional who is based in New York, New York. He lives and works in the City That Never Sleeps. He has a prominent career in the private equity and venture capital worlds. Andrew Rolfe also has a deep commitment to doing good for the planet. He serves as the Chairman of a widely known non-profit organization that’s called the Ubuntu Education Fund. The Ubuntu Education Fund, like Andrew Rolfe, is located in New York City on Broadway. The group also has branches in both the United Kingdom and South Africa. Its United Kingdom presence is in London. Its South African presence, on the other hand, is in Port Elizabeth.

Andrew Rolfe has been involved with the Ubuntu Education Fund since March of 2007. The goal of the Ubuntu Education Fund is to assist the weak children who live in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. The group strives to assist the young residents of the Algoa Bay city who do not have any parents. The people who make up the Ubuntu Education Fund team work hard to give these children access to resources that can open them up to brighter futures with better opportunities. The Ubuntu Education Fund was established back in 1999 by the duo of Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula and Jacob Lief. The Ubuntu Education Fund has a diligent and motivated team on its side. Members of the organization’s driven crew include Director Beth Honig, CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Tarryn Mthimkhulu, Deputy President Gcobani Zonke and, last but not least, Director Travis Randall. There are quite a few other standout individuals who are part of this highly respected organization as well.

Andrew Rolfe is a busy person who likes to do whatever he can to help the citizens of this vast world. That’s part of the reason the Ubuntu Education Fund means so much to him. Rolfe is a wildly successful businessman who has many skills and abilities. Some of his plentiful areas of expertise include mergers and acquisitions, corporate development, investment banking, corporate finance, strategic planning and business planning. Giving back to the planet is something that’s close to his heart.

USHEALTH Group Inc. is an innovative health insurance solutions provider that serves the individual insurance market. The Group offers innovative covers through its subsidiary companies known as National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The covers include specified sickness, life, accident, and disability insurance covers. Its primary customers include small business owners, families, self-employed professionals, and employees of SME businesses. The enterprise has taken a proactive approach in servings its growing list of customers. It has taken every life-threatening risk in its products features into consideration. The customers are well covered. The covers also include compensation for possible financial expenses that a client might incur as a result of the illness.

Some of its products such as Premier Choice Specified Disease/Sickness Plan is a unique family insurance covers in the market. The team at USHEALTH has incorporated a lot of benefits that exceed expectations of most users. The cover enables the customers to take charge of their health coverage. What makes it unique is the fact that the product allows customers to supplement their existing medical plans without losing their benefits. The “roll over” feature ensures that a client does not lose benefits if he or she does not utilize them. One is covered on or off work because the product is a 24-hour coverage. Customers are assured of help when they need it the most.

The company has gone ahead of the rest of the pack in the industry by offering innovative solutions that traditional markets failed to address. Its products range is not comparable to what most companies are offering. The Group understands that what matters to customers is finding a partner who provides cost-effective solutions to their most pressing problems. Few companies on the highly competitive individual insurance market in the industry have had the same level of profitability and growth as USHEALTH Group. Click here to know more.

The commitment of USHEALTH Group to raising the bar in the insurance market has not gone unnoticed. The Group won ten awards in 2016. Some of the most prestigious ones include the Most Innovative Company of the Year (Stevie Award) and One Planet’s CEO of the Year Award that was won by Troy Mcquagge. Troy is the CEO and President of the enterprise. This recognition is a demonstration of the commitment of USHEALTH Group to offering innovative products and unrivaled customer relations management. The profile of USHEALTH keeps rising every year. The Texas-based company serves more than 15 million individual customers throughout the US. The company has been serving customers through its subsidiaries for 50 collective years. Customers who are concerned about their security have a reliable partner with a unique selection of healthcare products that are affordable and flexible.

There is a new breed of leadership in the country of Mexico, and it is evidenced by their willingness to allow new, foreign companies into their oil fields. Competition has always been a good thing, because sure enough new advancements will inevitably come. Talos Enery is one living testimonial of that important concept, and they have just emerged in a mighty way as one of the leaders in Mexico’s oil reform.

First the first time in eight decades, a private company has sunk a new offshore oil well in Mexican waters. They made the stunning announcement last May, and it was a joint venture between London-based Premier Oil, Houston’s Talos Energy, and Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas. Previously, the oil and gas exploration activities of Mexico were wholly reserved for Petroleos Mexicano, a company that had placed a monopoly on Mexico’s oil drilling and exploration since Mexico nationalized oil activities in 1938.

The Zama-1 well is in the Sureste Basin in the state of Tabasco and holds an estimated 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude. Drilling will likely take up to ninety days to complete, and the three companies of Premier Oil, Talos Energy and Sierra Oil and Gas all won the right to work on the project. The activity will come at a cost of $16 million, and many engineers are excited at the prospect of drilling in the Zama-1 for a variety of reasons.

First of all, the well has an extremely high geological chance for success. Secondly, Talos Energy owns a large 35% stake in the venture, and finally it has developed a good reputation among engineers in the area as well.

Talos Energy is the operator of the well, and they have developed a solid reputation over the years for getting the job done right. They were established in 2012 and they have hit the ground running ever since. Located in Houston, they own over 33,000 square miles in their portfolio. They realize that the more tools in their arsenal, the better chances they have to optimize their oil holdings and fill the world’s energy needs.

Clearabee is the biggest rubbish clearance and removal company in London. Their value and response time are unbeatable. Since their vehicles are all over London they can be onsite within hours including weekends and evenings. They can remove nearly anything from your business or home.


Clearabee does not have congestion charges and keep any extras as low as possible. They divert 100 percent of their collected waste from landfills so their rubbish clearance is affordable and eco friendly.


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