Julie Zuckerberg: Redefining the Talent Acquisition for Sourcing the Best Candidates

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Julie Zuckerberg, the U.S. Talent Acquisition Lead of the Deutsche Bank, has many strategies to bring the best talents into the firms wherever she worked. She uses the aggressive policy of not leaving any type of sources as Zuckerberg feels that an excellent pool of candidates contains people from diverse backgrounds and conditions. Julie is well conceived by the idea of creating a great organization and culture by adding highly-skilled talents into it and working towards making Deutsche Bank U.S. something special. She is equally focused on making the name of the bank as a highly reputable brand considering that can add a lot of business and the best talents to its core. The top leadership of the firm is looking for her suggestions and consults with her often as they are confident that she can revolutionize its hiring policies and take further on its mission to innovate from the grass root level. As the Talent Acquisition Lead, Zuckerberg frames and negotiates senior roles such as Managing Director level offerings for the different business heads under the U.S. business division. She is also leading the teams as the bespoke of recruitment strategies and gives clear direction on gaps in DB, potential attrition, etc.



Before joining the Deutsche Bank, Zuckerberg worked with a number of firms including Hudson, Citi, and New York Life Insurance Company. She started her career with Hudson in 2002 as Director of Candidate Placement and took care of various recruitments including hiring support staff both temporary and permanent, case managers, paralegals, and attorneys for the clients of Hudson. She closely worked with employees and the management to address workplace issues and ensured compliance to legal requirements. In October 2007, Zuckerberg joined Citi as the Executive Recruiter North America of the firm. She led the full-cycle recruitment including the negotiations on Director and Managing Director roles for business verticals from CitiCards to Consumer Marketing. The senior business leaders are regularly consulted by her on competitive markets, compensation trends, recruitment strategies, and talent. She worked closely with different teams to frame complex job offers in immigration in collaboration, relocation, equity buyouts, deferred awards, and clawbacks and helped in its negotiations. Zuckerberg also worked with global teams to ensure sufficient supply of talents which require diverse skills from across the world and took care of the candidates’ expatriate process and international relocation procedure. She joined New York Life Insurance Company as the Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead in November 2013 and continued for four months and later relieved for Deutsche Bank.



Zuckerberg completed her graduation in Philosophy from the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. She also did her Law graduation from New York Law School. Her hobbies include cycling, running, reading, and workouts. Zuckerberg is a fitness freak and has written a number of blogs related to fitness. She also spends time in economic empowerment, animal welfare, human rights, technology development, conserving culture, arts as she is very interested in volunteer programs and thinks that it is a great way of connecting with people and the community.


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