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Desiree has confirmed what the entertainment industry has been missing all along i.e. the management. She has turned things around at the Tidal platform, rejuvenating the platform subscription to a stunning level amid several tumult and uncertainty regarding the survival of the platform. Tidal- a minor player in the music streaming industry- has been on its knees in the recent past with management ever changing and executive member stepping down, leaving the firm at a management crisis point. With the help of Desiree Perez, the company has regained its momentum and is catching up with the market at a relatively faster rate.

Thanks to Desiree’s prudence, Tidal business has managed to sign several multi-million dollar contracts that have been attractively profitable to the artist and the business in general. This has transformed operation in the business with artists gaining confidence and fans alike subscribing into the platform in large numbers.  See to have updates of Dez activities.

With strong negotiation skills and accounting abilities, Desiree Perez has seen secured several lucrative deals for the ROC Nation artists in the recent past. She is credited for seeing through the lucrative deal between Rihanna and Samsung among other. But again one would say that she is capable of doing all these due to his familiarity with the business in the entertainment industry. Her husband, Juan Perez, is the guy behind the ROC Nation Sports Department check her here. With such support and combination, it was within her capacity to do everything that could raise a Tidal business.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree is a house hold name in the music entertainment industry. As a producer, she is known for organizing several classic tours especially the 2014 ‘On The Run Tour’ by Beyoncé and Jay Z. she is also known for revamping Tidal business, signing huge deals and taking the music streaming platform to another level. Additional article on

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