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Starting in 2001, Traveling Vineyard is marketed as a direct-sell enterprise, enabling and promising remote/flexible work shifts. The creation of their business revolves around the act of wine-tasting and the social nature of a wine tasting.

As many clients that are interested in wine-tasting, a further market exists for in home wine-tasting, a revolutionary idea. Wine guides, the name of Traveling Vineyards employees, are trained and then sent to customers’ homes for in-person promotion and heavy wine-tasting. This is different from fellow direct sales competitors because engaging in wine is a relaxing process, combined with the intimacy of a personal home, and has spelled industry success for Traveling Vineyard.

To become a wine guide, the website offers a form field that will submit requests for more information. The website also offers hints steps to becoming an in-home wine guide, requiring food and wine pairing knowledge and completion of a sommology course.

Working for Traveling Vineyard would definitely offer work flexibility and freedom. If a consumer is a wine enthusiast, then a sales position could be advantageous. Being able to appreciate wine and drink responsibly is a skill that is admired and desired by many. For one that loves the concept and might have a limited background, this could be the opportunity to learn more about wine and meet fellow wine enthusiasts.

Traveling Vineyard has an active online social presence with Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn pages. The Traveling Vineyard website includes a blog for consumer response and an instant chat window.


Patty Rocklage is a licensed Psychotherapist working in Boston, MA. Patty has over two decades experience in assisting her clients to manage their life struggles. She is well equipped with a warm, inviting skill-set that makes her clienteles comfortable so that they can focus on the implementing the required changes in their lives. Mrs. Rocklage specialization includes offering family and marriage counsel to single persons, couples as well as families. Patty has a strong educational background having graduated from the University of Southern California with an Undergraduate degree in Psychology. Moreover, in the course of her profession, she had picked up additional skills such as coaching, mentoring, public speaking and team building.

Besides, Mrs Rocklage is a generous individual with a soft spot for her community. As such she has participated in many community initiatives. One of such ventures includes her volunteer work for the Sudanese Education Fund that aims at assisting Sudanese individuals that had moved to Massachusetts. It helps these people to settle in the state by finding them permanent jobs so that they can be financial stable.

Patty Rocklage is married to the 82-year-old Scott Rocklage, a renowned Chemist. The two made a huge donation towards the renovation projects at Moungi Bawendi in 2016. The improvements included the construction of new laboratories for Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Chemistry department. During a tour of the renovated laboratory, Scott and his wife Patty were honoured with a plaque displayed inside the lab. In a statement, Scott expressed that he MIT had given him the proper foundation he needed to kick start his career; therefore, was happy to give back so that other students can learn what he had during his time in the University. Click here to know more.

Patty and Scott recently contracted the Sudbury Company’s Design Center to renovate several rooms in their home. The skilled team at the construction company was led by Ed Friedlander. At first, they were apprehensive of hiring a single contractor, but after doing so, they were not displeased at all. In a statement, Scott expressed that Ed and his team delivered excellent work that was above and beyond their expectations. Due to its success, the Rocklage home renovation was featured as a case study in the Service provider’s website.

The founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen, has been looking for new and interesting ways of pushing forward the need for a greater level of human rights for all people, regardless of where they are located in the world. In continuing his work, Thor Halvorssen has used a large amount of the latest technology to push forward the rights of people from nations that are often seen as being closed off from the outside world; despite taking to Twitter and digital media platforms to explain the issues facing the world there are times when placing his own body on the line is the only option for the Venezuelan born University of Pennsylvania graduate.

Thor Halvorssen has recently been working closely with the major Russian dissident Gary Kasparov, the former world chess champion who has become one of the leading figures in opposition to Russian Premier Vladimir Putin. Both Halvorssen and Kasparov have been placing their own health on the line as they sought to publicize the abuses of power many governments around the world have undertaken against their own citizens. On a recent trip to Vietnam local officials beat Thor Halvorssen and his camera operator in a bid to take possession of the tape of an interview with a political prisoner held under house arrest for more than a decade. Click here to watch video.

The human rights career of Thor Halvorssen began in earnest in 1993 when his own father was arrested and tortured for investigating police corruption in relation to a drigs gang in his native Venezuela; Thor was already a student at the University of Pennsylvania when he headed the campaign that would eventually free his father from jail after more than 80 days.

Thor Halvorssen has spent much of his human rights career working with his own Human Rights Foundation that has looked to develop new areas of interest for the foundation that includes the establishment of the Oslo Freedom Forum.


There are some people destined for certain professions. Todd Lubar was destined for the real estate industry. He’s passionate about every aspect of the business and as well as helping others. It was only a matter of time before Todd Lubar found Real Estate.

After college, Lubar joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. He quickly became an expert on conservative mortgage banking. He later used those skills to dominate the industry. Realizing he wanted to build something of his own, Lubar began forming relationships with dozens of real estate agents, CPAs, financial planners, and countless insurance agents.

In 1999, Mr. Lubar took another step toward building his own brand; he joined Legacy Financial Group at an equity position. This new role came with more lending capabilities. He brokers loans to outside investors and operated as a direct mortgage bank. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

A few years later, he opened his own firm, Legendary Properties, LLC. It began as a small residential development company but quickly grew. Lubar used the massive network he’d began developing while working at Crestar, turning his firm into one of the most successful. Legendary Properties bought, rehabilitated, and sold hundreds of properties. They bought everything from single-family households to large multi-family complexes.

Throughout the years, Lubar has accumulated a massive network of experienced professionals who specialize in every stage of the building process. Together, they produce quality properties in a timely manner. His business’s success enabled him to form powerful relationships with major banking institutions all over the country.

His mortgage experience came back into play in 2003. Lubar founded Charter Funding, a subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation. This new step afforded his expansion into bigger projects. Charter Funding came him access to products and programs he didn’t have before.

As his success grew, he branched into other industries. He owns a demolition company and a scrap metal recycling business. Although new to those industries, he quickly obtained some large contracts from all over the country. He currently resides in Bethesda, Maryland, and plans to continue growing.

The Chairman and CEO of the Capital Group, Tim Armour, commented on Warren Buffet’s investment strategy of wagering USD 1 million towards charitable works. Warren did this with the aim of obtaining better returns compared to other hedge fund managers who simply invest in the passive index fund. Tim supports Warren’s move and believes that cheaper, simple investments should be purchased and held for long periods. Tim Armour emphasizes that the bottom-up investment strategy by thoroughly analyzing firms and building a long-lasting portfolio has been an effective approach for numerous years. According to Tim, several mutual funds lead to mediocre or poor returns in the long run. The low-cost strategy that delivers excellent returns in the long run should, therefore, be embraced by Americans who want to stand out from the crowd even in bad times. Click here to know more about him.

Tim Armour Elected the Chair of Capital Group

Capital Group is the home of American Funds and among the leading investment management companies in the world today. On 28th July 2015, the firm’s Board of Directors made public Timothy Armour’s election as the Chairman of the company’s management committee as well as the chair and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company. The chairman’s position at Capital Group became vacant after James Rothenberg, the company’s former chairman and CEO died of heart attack at the age of sixty-nine years. Tim studied at Middlebury College where he undertook a degree in economics and graduated in 1983. He is based in Los Angeles.

Other than serving the top-most management position, Tim is an equity portfolio manager. He has gained all his thirty-three years of experience in investment at the Capital Group, where he began as the Associates Program’s participant. Tim Armour, who had been groomed to take the position of the Capital Group’s CEO, has the relevant experience to take the company to greater heights.

Julie Zuckerberg, the U.S. Talent Acquisition Lead of the Deutsche Bank, has many strategies to bring the best talents into the firms wherever she worked. She uses the aggressive policy of not leaving any type of sources as Zuckerberg feels that an excellent pool of candidates contains people from diverse backgrounds and conditions. Julie is well conceived by the idea of creating a great organization and culture by adding highly-skilled talents into it and working towards making Deutsche Bank U.S. something special. She is equally focused on making the name of the bank as a highly reputable brand considering that can add a lot of business and the best talents to its core. The top leadership of the firm is looking for her suggestions and consults with her often as they are confident that she can revolutionize its hiring policies and take further on its mission to innovate from the grass root level. As the Talent Acquisition Lead, Zuckerberg frames and negotiates senior roles such as Managing Director level offerings for the different business heads under the U.S. business division. She is also leading the teams as the bespoke of recruitment strategies and gives clear direction on gaps in DB, potential attrition, etc.



Before joining the Deutsche Bank, Zuckerberg worked with a number of firms including Hudson, Citi, and New York Life Insurance Company. She started her career with Hudson in 2002 as Director of Candidate Placement and took care of various recruitments including hiring support staff both temporary and permanent, case managers, paralegals, and attorneys for the clients of Hudson. She closely worked with employees and the management to address workplace issues and ensured compliance to legal requirements. In October 2007, Zuckerberg joined Citi as the Executive Recruiter North America of the firm. She led the full-cycle recruitment including the negotiations on Director and Managing Director roles for business verticals from CitiCards to Consumer Marketing. The senior business leaders are regularly consulted by her on competitive markets, compensation trends, recruitment strategies, and talent. She worked closely with different teams to frame complex job offers in immigration in collaboration, relocation, equity buyouts, deferred awards, and clawbacks and helped in its negotiations. Zuckerberg also worked with global teams to ensure sufficient supply of talents which require diverse skills from across the world and took care of the candidates’ expatriate process and international relocation procedure. She joined New York Life Insurance Company as the Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead in November 2013 and continued for four months and later relieved for Deutsche Bank.



Zuckerberg completed her graduation in Philosophy from the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. She also did her Law graduation from New York Law School. Her hobbies include cycling, running, reading, and workouts. Zuckerberg is a fitness freak and has written a number of blogs related to fitness. She also spends time in economic empowerment, animal welfare, human rights, technology development, conserving culture, arts as she is very interested in volunteer programs and thinks that it is a great way of connecting with people and the community.


One thing that can be said about bullies, tyrants and other oppressive personalities is that they need to be stood up to for the people that are being oppressed by them. While there are a lot of studies that link bullying behavior to troubled homes, it is also important to know that troubled upbringings do not give one a pass for treating others as less than they are. Everyone has a right to be treated equally no matter how bad they have been treated at some point in their lives. Mr Thor Halvorssen understands that. This is why he is standing up for human rights.

Thor Halvorssen has been one of the most effective activists for human rights. He has been so effective that he is being considered the new face of human rights activism. One of the things that Thor Halvorssen is doing is cultivating relationships with people of all walks in order to help with the fight for human rights. Among the people that Thor Halvorssen is working with is Christian Bale, who is known for his work as Batman in The Dark Knight Trilogy. He was having a conversation with Chen Guangcheng who was exiled from China. Click here to know more.

Thor Halvorssen himself is no stranger to human rights violations. His family has a history of involvement. His family was in Norway and then moved to Venezuela due to some controversy in Norway. Thor Halvorssen himself has found himself getting beaten up in his fight for human rights. This is a fact that he is okay with. He consider this as part of a days work. He is one of the people that believes that an activist should be ready to roll up his sleeves and take in some punishment himself for the cause. This is a far cry from the stereotype of people who are all talk.

Following a rich background experience in investments, Paul Mampilly has a lot to offer when it comes to issues relating to investments. In 2016, he launched a newsletter with Banyan Hill Publishing, Profits Unlimited. The newsletter’s ultimate goal is to make aware the most profitable investment options available to Main Street Americans.

How it Works

The newsletter comes in eight pages detailing a new stock that Paul Mampilly deems to be profitable. The monthly newsletter is then mailed to the people who have signed up their subscriptions. Mampilly also goes an extra mile to make weekly updates on a few recommended stocks that are in his selection. The progress of these stocks is also detailed on his website. He has adopted a different approach where his subscribers buy shares under their personal brokerage accounts as opposed to placing the investments on their behalf.

The Growth

Lined up in his portfolio are stocks of up to 18, 21, 31, and 38 percent, with a high probability of being profitable. Recently, one specific stock from a semiconductor company that he recommended last year has grown up to 160 percent. Following his accurate advice, Profits Unlimited has won the hearts of many, recording 60,000 subscriptions since its inception. The subscribers have highly benefited from Mampilly’s recommendations, terming him as an outstanding financial advisor.

About Banyan Hill

Banyan Hill Publishing focuses its publishing to newsletters that offer investment advice and research advisory. Its headquarters are based in Delray Beach, Florida. Banyan is fast rising with more than 200,000 subscriptions in the last two years.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a highly experienced financial advisor with over 25 years’ experience. He is a widely trained individual in finance, economics, and business administration at various learning institutions.

His career started in 1989 as an Accounts Assistant at the renowned Chatham Street Management. He has since worked for several companies serving at different positions. Currently, he runs his consulting firm called Capuchin Consulting.

After the mercurial Madonna had started having an interest in Jewish mysticism, many famous people started joining the trend. Madonna’s involvement in the Jewish tradition was so deep in that she started several Kabbalah centers and invested a lot of funds into the study of ancient Jewish tradition. Hollywood stars that have taken an interest include Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Elizabeth Taylor and the late Marilyn Monroe. The main question behind the interest is why a worldwide celebrity who was born a non-Jew becomes fascinated with the Jewish mysticism to the height of regularly practicing it.

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Sandra Bernhard explained that Kabbalah had removed more than eighty percent of chaos in her life. Paris Hilton also explained to the Great Britain’s More Magazine that after she had broken up with Nick Carter, she coped with the experience by going to the Los Angeles Kabbalah center. From the Kabbalah center website, they pride themselves on offering ancient wisdom that offers ways to achieve everlasting joy and self-fulfillment. This is an amazing system that will totally change the way we view life.

Sammy Davis explained to the Time Magazine that he did not join Kabbalah to deal with individual problems but to be part of a five thousand years’ worth of history and to hold on knowledge that is worth more than material wealth. Jews have used their thousands of years of expression and turned it into their strength. In 2006, Madonna narrated to the Time Magazine that the main precepts of the Kabbalah Center are that they were placed on earth to aid people. We are supposed to look for ways in which we can help people. Madonna identified her role by helping spread the presence of Kabbalah to the general public. Several people have ended up converting to Judaism.

Sleep apnea is one of the most destructive diseases affecting the obese people in the United States and other parts of the world. Sleep apnea is also prevalent with people who are suffering from heart attack. According to a recent study conducted by the American Medical Journal, more than 60 percent or people suffering from the disease are also diagnosed with chronic illnesses including heart attack, diabetes, and stroke. For this reason, those who are diagnosed with these diseases must also consider getting a medical diagnosis for sleep apnea especially if they are overweight.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a medical professional with more than two decades of professional experience. Since he was a child, he had passion in the medical field. For this reason, he worked hard in school to determine a better fate in this platform. As a matter of fact, no one has a better business capability in this action than Dr. Avi Weisfogel. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has also been recognized as the best dentist by the American Medical Platform on many occasions. For this reason, he has used his platform to generate more than 100 therapies inclined towards the creation of new therapies associated with the issuance of fast working capabilities.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel was a very skeptic student. He used to study till late in the night to grasp any medical concept while in college. For this reason, lecturers and professors branded him as the best student in college. He used this privilege to conduct many types of research into the use of medicine to develop high-end capabilities in this medical arena. According to a recent study in the medical arena, more than 90 percent of people are not diagnosed with this disease. For this reason, most of them end up dying without knowing the cause of their deaths.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has also worked hard to shed more light into the medical platform. In the end, you might consider working to attain better business capabilities in a platform filled with a plague. Sleep apnea has affected many people. However, there is a hope of finding the cure for the disease.