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We live in a world where some people don’t care about the well-being of their fellow human beings. Not only do they mistreat or oppress people but these few also oppress animals and do not care about the environment. They are involved in all sorts of vices that include corruption, oppression of animal and human rights as well as all sorts of conflicts. While they may not care about their actions, there is a group of people out there to change this. This group is called Avaaz and has its headquarters in the great city of New York. According to the Guardian, Avaaz is one of the biggest online activist group on the internet.

The word or the name Avaaz has its origin from the Persian region meaning song or voice. The name was chosen as it can be pronounced by people of all nations and because of its meaning. The group has a unique way of funding its activities. Unlike other activist groups, Avaaz does not receive big donations from corporations but relies on the generosity of its individual members. However, the startup costs, as well as staffs salaries, were funded by other corporations prior to 2009. Up to now, the organization has managed to raise over $20 million. Avaaz has its operations in more than 30 countries with the prominent ones being United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, India, and Lebanon.

The organization manages to pass information to their members through the email as well as online public petitions they create. The organization also uses advertisements and hires a team of experienced legal advisors. Some of the notable faces within this organization include the likes of Ricken Patel, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser and Tom Pravda. These are the founding members of this organization and are involved in the day to day operation of the organization. Other people who have a role to play in the organization include David Madden, Andrea Woodhouse, and Jeremy Heimans.

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