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Rona Borre, the owner and founder of Instant Alliance, a leading staffing and recruiting company is a whirling dervish when it comes to running her business. Not only did she start the business in 2001, but she has turned it into a mega company, as it now earns millions and many thought she would fail from the outset.

Not only was she competing in a primary market, but all of her competitors had years of experience so popular thought had it that she would never make it. So much for popular thought. Not only has she made it, but she has outlasted many of her critics and indeed lots of those other staffing companies.  For additional article, try accessing this.

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Borre likes to hire young and energetic account executives who are eager to learn and who want to earn a lot of money. She doesn’t need too many of them, but just enough to crack the record books with their sales. After all, she had led the sales totals in a large staffing company before starting Instant Alliance. So she knew how to train her people, and now they are some of the highest earning account executives in Chicago, much to the chagrin of her competition.  For an interesting article, click

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