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Lobbyists and political fundraisers are among the most necessary professionals in the political and governmental processes. One of the top political lobbyists in the United States today is Andrea McWilliams, who is the head of the McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants practice, which is based out of Austin, Texas.

Andrea McWilliams is best known for her ability to accomplish a wide range of tasks for any industry or company that she has been involved with. She is often considered one of the most powerful people in politics in Texas and has been named to a wide range of top professional awards, including being one of the Top 40 under 40 just a few years ago. She has also been a finalist of the Texas Businesswoman of the Year award and has been named a Person of Distinction by a range of different professional organizations.

Andrea McWilliams started her political and public relations career when she was just 21 years old. At that time, she was given an entry level position working for Public Strategies, Inc, which is one of the top public relations firms in the country. Within a few years, she was able to develop the reputation and client list to go out and start her own successful firm, which she current co-owns. Her firm has quickly become one of the leading governmental affairs consulting practices in the United States.

While her firm has a strong reputation in Austin and the rest of Texas, she has been the focus of a number of different national and international news portals. She has been interviewed by a range of different media outlets including Fox News, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and NPR. Her presence was particularly felt during the recent political elections, which saw her represent a number of different state and federal politicians.


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