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We live in a world where some people don’t care about the well-being of their fellow human beings. Not only do they mistreat or oppress people but these few also oppress animals and do not care about the environment. They are involved in all sorts of vices that include corruption, oppression of animal and human rights as well as all sorts of conflicts. While they may not care about their actions, there is a group of people out there to change this. This group is called Avaaz and has its headquarters in the great city of New York. According to the Guardian, Avaaz is one of the biggest online activist group on the internet.

The word or the name Avaaz has its origin from the Persian region meaning song or voice. The name was chosen as it can be pronounced by people of all nations and because of its meaning. The group has a unique way of funding its activities. Unlike other activist groups, Avaaz does not receive big donations from corporations but relies on the generosity of its individual members. However, the startup costs, as well as staffs salaries, were funded by other corporations prior to 2009. Up to now, the organization has managed to raise over $20 million. Avaaz has its operations in more than 30 countries with the prominent ones being United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, India, and Lebanon.

The organization manages to pass information to their members through the email as well as online public petitions they create. The organization also uses advertisements and hires a team of experienced legal advisors. Some of the notable faces within this organization include the likes of Ricken Patel, Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser and Tom Pravda. These are the founding members of this organization and are involved in the day to day operation of the organization. Other people who have a role to play in the organization include David Madden, Andrea Woodhouse, and Jeremy Heimans.

In the city of New York, George Street Photo and Video has established itself as one of the leading providers of wedding photography and videography services. It has been selected by The Knot, a popular wedding media company, on their list of the Best Weddings Hall of Fame.

Starting at wedding packages of only $1000, the expert team at George Street is both affordable and incredibly experienced at the wedding services they provide. To get started working with the company is easy as they feature a Bridal Style Quiz on their website. By filling out the quiz, the bride can determine exactly what type of wedding she wishes to hold. An expert Personal Wedding Coordinator then works with the couple to match their vision to the photography that takes place on the big day. George Street Photo and Video Address also has a extensive list of their favorite wedding venues that they make available to their clients.

If you are a reader, you must have come across some writings about Kabbalah by various people. There is a lot of information about Kabbalah on the internet and the Social Media. Though much has been written about Kabbalah, there are still many who do not know what is all about the Kabbalah. It is even unethical that some writers do know nothing about the missions of Kabbalah but still go ahead to write what is wrong. Here is the simple information about Kabbalah and its tasks in this world. First, to have a firm understanding of what Kabbalah is let me take you to the beginning so that we can know where it originated.

Kabbalah was started in 1922. The teacher who began Kabbalah is Rav Yehuda Ashlag. He is the first person who was considered the master of Kabbalah. Before those years the Kabbalah wisdom existed but only a few people knew. The knowledge had not been entirely widespread to the whole world. At that time Rav Yehuda made a decision to make the knowledge and wisdom of Kabbalah to be known to various people across the world. He did that by making Kabbalah modern. It is wise to pass knowledge to others so that there is continuity. So it came a time when Yehuda decide to give the wisdom of Kabbalah to Rav Yehuda Tzvi who was his student so that he can continue to enlighten the people.

It is an organization that is non-profitable. The teachers of the Kabbalah always strive to make the wisdom understood by many people from all races and background. There is no discrimination regarding understanding Kabbalah. All it takes is for one to be dedicated to learning the ways and everything will be okay in the life of the learner. Once you learn the teachings, you should apply them to your entire life. If you perform this, your life will be fulfilled, and you will be able to live and make the world a good living place for you and even for others.


There are a lot of lessons that are taught in the Kabbalah Centre. The experience has been designed for years by people who have the wisdom of Kabbalah. The meaning of Kabbalah is a variety of things for different people. The teachings are based on knowledge that is universal and is according to the teachings of the Bible. However, as a student, you will get a lot of wisdom that will help you live in this world comfortable and face the challenges of this world. Students will get instructions that are fit to enable them to live in this harsh world without a lot of issues.

Rona Borre, the owner and founder of Instant Alliance, a leading staffing and recruiting company is a whirling dervish when it comes to running her business. Not only did she start the business in 2001, but she has turned it into a mega company, as it now earns millions and many thought she would fail from the outset.

Not only was she competing in a primary market, but all of her competitors had years of experience so popular thought had it that she would never make it. So much for popular thought. Not only has she made it, but she has outlasted many of her critics and indeed lots of those other staffing companies.  For additional article, try accessing this.

Watch and listen to Borre’s words on this clip from

Borre likes to hire young and energetic account executives who are eager to learn and who want to earn a lot of money. She doesn’t need too many of them, but just enough to crack the record books with their sales. After all, she had led the sales totals in a large staffing company before starting Instant Alliance. So she knew how to train her people, and now they are some of the highest earning account executives in Chicago, much to the chagrin of her competition.  For an interesting article, click

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The company is situated in Fort Worth, Texas. It has subsidiaries such as freedom of life insurance Company of America, and national foundation Life Insurance is devoted to giving a life of innovation, particular diseases, accident and disability insurance solutions to those who are self-employed, families, business owners and employees .for over fifty years, the group has served over 15 million people with all having different plans. As for coverage on accidents and diseases specified, all the companies understand that every customer has different needs from the others. The array of options provided here ensures the customer can choose that which suits their needs best.

The company has been flexible over the years, and this is the reason as to why they are considered the best there is. They are affordable and reliable in their selections on insurance. There are many customers there who fear to join the company in fear that they will need to part with lots of cash annually if they are to receive any benefits. The good thing with these companies is that they offer a portfolio of products that provide first dollar profits for services that are covered and discounts on the substantial network. This kind of plans is affordable instead of comprehensive plans available.

There are those customers who ask for security of a more modified coverage approach meaning they can afford a specific point of cost sharing and the companies provide welcoming solutions that are flexible, cheap and can be counted upon anytime. The group is fully committed to meet the needs of every single customer. Irrespective of the health coverage one chooses, one will be helped by the professionals in these companies will help you with their full line of ancillary products that include an illness that is critical, vision plans, dental, accidents among many others. UShealth Group provides all the above advantages in a single platforms.

The marketplace is characterized by a customer turnover that is elevated and a decreased customer loyalty. The company has emerged triumphant in the market as it has been able to create a good rapport with its customers and one that is long lasting and this ensures the customers will never lose faith in the organization.


Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., is the cofounder, chief executive officer, and president of Seattle Genetics which was found in 1998. He is also the chairman of the board. His company is focused on targeted cancer therapies. He also built Seattle Genetics on a foundation of rigorous research, scientific innovation, drug development practices, and a passion in helping patients. Dr. Clay Siegall also guided his organization to it’s present leadership position in securing the 2011 FDA approval for ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin), the first ADC product. And now, ADCETRIS is under collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, and this company is approved in over 65 countries.

There are other multiple strategic licenses that Seattle Genetics has entered for their ADC technology, including AbbVie, Pfizer, Genentech (Roche), and GlaxoSmithKline. And as a result, this company has generated over $350 million to date, and there are over 20 ADCs in clinical development across collaborator and internal programs by utilizing Seattle Genetics’ technology. And other Seattle Genetics has capital raising activities in which have secures over $1.2 billion through private and public financings which include the organization’s initial public offering in 2001.

Dr. Siegall’s Other Works

Before cofounding Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall worked for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute of Health from 1991 to 1997. From 1988 to 1991, he worked for the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health. Dr. Siegall is on the board of directors for the Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, and Washington Roundtable. He also has won several awards, including the 2012 Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and the University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math, and Natural Sciences in 2013. Dr. Siegall has also published over 70 publications, and he held 15 patents. And with his educational achievements, he earned a Ph.D. in Genetics from the George Washington University, and a B.S. degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland. Even with his WordPress blog, he has created several writings that are relatable to cell therapy and cancer. However, he also has written blogs, such as dreams, the flaws of science and undermining good medicine, and so forth.


At 52 years of age, David Giertz has an experience of 30 years in his finance career. During his career he has served as the senior Vice president of Nationwide Financial distribution and Sales Nationwide Life Insurance Company since April 2013. Additionally, he has also served as the president of Financial Distributors since March 2013. Due to his financial expertise on he has also served as Director, senior vice president and president in many organizations.

David Giertz is a financial advisor having passed the required four exams and currently works for Nationwide Investment Service Corporation. He is a registered broker and offers his services to the organizations involved in selling and buying of securities such as bonds, shares and debentures. He engages with firms that are registered as security dealers and can trade on behave of these firms or on his own account. David seems to conduct all his businesses in a professional manner and has not had any disclosures to the body that regularizes financial advisors. Disclosures involves telling of any issues that may prevent proper performance of the financial advisors. According to, the issues raised under the disclosure section include customer complaints, personal interests, and professional conduct among other issues.

David Giertz speaks about people’s misconception about social security and states that the issue results in less income or unanticipated taxes to the retirees. In this case he advises people to have a retirement plan that will maximize the benefits that people get from social security. The plan involves an activity that generates income to ensure that people secure their livelihoods after retirement. He emphasizes that social security is a sensitive issue and that people should handle it with care to avoid disappointments when they retire. David Giertz further emphasizes that people should not rely on just what they get as social security but should have a way of making the best out of what they get.

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Who can deny that An Affair to Remember is one of best movies of all time? Cary Grant plays Nickie Ferrante, an uninspired artist, and Deborah Kerr plays Terry McKay.


The two meet and fall in love on board a cruise ship bound for New York. When they arrive, the two agree to meet in six months at the top of the Empire State Building if their love is still strong. On her way, Terry is injured in a horrible accident. The audience sees Nickie waiting for Terry, excited at first and then horribly crush.


Several months later, Nickie visits Terry on Christmas Eve, and one of Nickie’s paintings brings out the secret that Terry has been hiding since her accident reuniting the lovers. It is a wonderful movie, combining comedy and drama as only Cary Grant can pull off, and a lot of tears shed by every female viewer.


Jason Halpern is a respected man who has been successful in different ways. He is loved and cherished by the members of his family because of his hard work and dedication. Also, he stands out as one of the most successful people in real estate across the United States.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

He leads JMH Development company, a family business that has achieved a lot of successes.He is now the current manager of the JMH Development. Under his leadership, the firm has managed to construct luxury apartments, hotels and commercial buildings among many structures.

Jason Halpern: in Production

The great success is because of the vast knowledge and management skills that Jason Halpern has acquired. He knows that for a company to gain loyal customers, there must be the provision of quality products and services.JMH Development is a firm that is after the construction of modern structures in today’s world, and that is one reason why the company has achieved a competitive advantage over the other businesses.

Among the projects, it has developed is Aloft South Beach Hotel, a site that has since become attractive. It is among the best hotels in New York. Jason is sure that the Aloft Beach Hotel is good to attract investors who will boost the economy in the region.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

It is a good place for clients where there are a lot of activities to enjoy. Customers who visit the hotel gets to enjoy outdoor pools access and a beautiful sea. There is also a first class gym and a roof deck lounge where clients can enjoy good moments. The hotel will also host live performances from great artists and bands as noted by Jason Halpern.

Halpern has built a reputation regarding the restoration of historical structures whereby he works on then to create an appealing look. Remember he is experienced having worked in the industry for over two decades. Halpern is someone who is multi-talented as he runs JMH development and also the director of Parametric Dinning LLC.

Jason’s Family

Apart from taking part in businesses, Jason Halpern also participates in philanthropic initiatives around the world. He does not always invest without considering others who may be unfortunate in the society. Therefore, he extends a helping hand to those who need and who want help. A good example is the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center where Halpern is an investor. Jason Halpern loves his community and wants to see others succeed in their endeavors. He works with charitable organizations to develop the community.

For example, JMH development partnered with global water to provide water to the people of Nepal and Ethiopia. People from these countries are now able to drink clean water due to the efforts of Jason Halpern. It is through such works of charity that JMH development can succeed in other areas of business

In a recent meeting, Brazilian financier Igor Cornelsen talked about the many great investment opportunities in Brazil. During a recent conversation, Igor Cornelsen discussed a few things that will benefit investors who wish to get into the Brazilian market. He provided three tips that will likely help many investors get the most out of their experience investing in the nation. His first tip was to establish relationships with the native population. Since Brazil is a very social culture, it will be important for investors to focus on meeting people so that they can be introduced to new opportunities. Another tip provided by Igor Cornelsen is to be mindful of Brazil’s regulations and taxes. The nation has a lot of bureaucracy so it will be important for investors to be patient. Igor has also stated that investors will need to make foreign currency transactions with banks that are authorized to do these transactions.


Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker and consultant based in Brazil. He has established a reputation of being one of the most trusted experts on finance and investing. Over the course of his career, he has developed an expertise on commodities and foreign exchange currencies. This has allowed him to be a leading advisor to foreign investors who are looking to capitalize on the Brazilian markets. Cornelsen has worked with Bainbridge Group Inc. which is a leading investment firm. He got involved with this firm due to its reputation of making significant deals in the stock market. By being affiliated with this firm, Igor has been able to establish credibility as well as gain more practical experience in the financial sector.


As well as being an investment banker, Igor Cornelsen is also a consultant. At this position, Igor regularly provides advice to investors about the many investment opportunities available in Brazil. With his advice, he has been able to help a number of investors gain valuable insight on the Brazilian markets. Along with providing valuable insight on the Brazilian markets, Igor has also been able to provide expert guidance on how to attain success in the Brazilian market.