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Eric Pulier is a big name in the world of business who is not only known for his business endeavors that involve technological innovation and advancement, but is also known for his philanthropic activities that are mostly focused on kids that are less fortunate and that have less opportunities than Eric Pulier ever did. As a father of four children, Eric Pulier has always had a soft spot to help children and has created several projects and companies in order to help children that are in need. Eric Pulier is active within the philanthropic community and is noted for his technological innovation and his ability to complex problems in communities that are considered to be at an economic disadvantage due to a lack of infrastructure as well as due to a lack of investment. Eric Pulier is especially dedicated to help physically impaired children who have had to suffer from disabilities that have been out of their control.

During his early years within the world of business, Eric Pulier created a multimedia educational platform that was created to not only help children in need, but was also created in order to educate other individuals about certain diseases that children suffer with. This was created to not only raise awareness, but to also raise funds that would help eliminate the problem in the future. As a result of these many endeavors, Eric Pulier has received much respect and has become a well sought after individual to combine both business as well as technology with his next initiatives.

At the turn of the century, Eric Pulier had gained so much recognition that he was asked by President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore to create and to develop an exhibition in Washington D.C. that would showcase the plans for technological innovation in the future. During this exhibition, Eric Pulier was able to demonstrate his passion for helping people by dividing the exhibition into many sections that included healthcare, education, environment, and many others. Eric Pulier has since then become a sought after individual in both the private sector as well as in the public sector.

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