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The fashion industry has over time changed due to technological advancement. Nowadays, technology is growing at a very high rate forcing the fashion industry to cope with it in encountering consecutive changes. Fashion and Technology works hand in hand to make each other better, and each depends on the other. Technology does not only create attractive and beautiful fashion but also assists in creating functional fashion.

Comparing the past and what we have nowadays it is evidenced that technology and fashion grow together. For instance, the growth of music systems from 1970 inform of boom box which one could carry the favorite music and station later changed to a two cassette desk where one could listen to the music from one deck, and record from other deck. Later in 1990, a Walkman was invented which gave personal music experience and it was portable. Currently, most people use iPod to listen to any music they wish and can download them through the iPod, and all this is through the intervention of technology.

Fashion designers utilize technology to come up with innovative fashions that will add value to their field. Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer, has designed a drinking dress, the self-painting dress, DareDroid, and Pseudomorphs all by the use of technology. She compared technology to a playing ground which is a place of experiment. She added that, the deeper one dives in the technology, the higher the rewards one gets as a fashion designer.

Another fashion invention was the creation of a protective gear consisting of airbags that one would wear around the neck. The airbag pops out of the neck wear and protects the head in case of an impact. The fashion designers are also recycling materials to come up with improved and better designs, for instance, SegraSegra created jackets and t-shirts after recycling the inner tubes of a bicycle. Fashion and technology are also used together to produce energy. Soledad Martin is working on a prototype whereby while running or walking the shoe can charge a cell phone.

Christopher Burch is the CEO and the founder of the Burch Creative capital. He is also a successful entrepreneur investing in several businesses and the co-founder of the luxury fashion brand. He is keen in marketing, as well as sales and always devoted in the power branding. He is always looking forward to the satisfaction of his customers, as well as the growth of the businesses.

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