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Equities First Holdings is an international leader when it comes to alternative shareholder financing solutions. The company has transformed the lives of many people in the economic climate where most of the banks and other lending institutions have decided to tighten their lending criteria. The company services are suitable for the investors who are looking to raise capital fast, or those who cannot access the credit based loans because they do not quality. The company has become very popular for offering these group of people alternatives.

There are some options for this category in the modern times. However, most of the lenders have cut their lending options, increased their interest rates and some have even tightened their loan qualifications to survive the harsh economic times. The founder and chief executive officer of the successful equities lending institution, Al Christy says that he has realized that the loans that have been collateralized by stocks as the best and innovative borrowing alternative to the individuals who need to raise their working capital. According to Al Christy, the stock-based loans have proved to be better because they have a higher to loan value ratio compared to the traditional type of loans. Al Christy also believes that the loans from organization have become popular because they offer the consumer a fixed interest rate, and this provides certainty during their transaction life.

Christy says that during a three-year loan term, there might be market fluctuations, and they can have serious effects on the loans. However, the stock-based loans offer the consumer a hedge because they have a lower risk in the downside market. This proves that the stock-based loans are safer for the consumer compared to the other. The borrower can walk away from their loan at any given time, even when the value of the stocks has depreciated.

The borrower is also allowed to keep all the initial loan proceeds without having any obligations to the lender. Equities First Holdings has made several successful transactions since it was founded several years ago, and this is a sign that people like the services they are offered by the organization. The process of acquiring these loans is also very transparent and fast.

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