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What many people of activewear products in the market is that they have nothing to offer. Most companies that sell activewear only sell the traditional and boring athletic clothing. Gym lovers and exercises have loved other products in the market other than the activewear clothing. However, this was before Fabletics got into the market of selling activewear clothing. Once Fabletics got into the market, it sold highly fashionable activewear clothing loved by both men and women. The company has grown to establish a name for itself as a leading brand for sportswear clothing. The company itself was started by a leading actress, exerciser, mother of two and fashion pacesetter, Kate Hudson. She leads the company in advertising its products through her monthly product picks.


Fabletics has grown in popularity mainly due to the quality and affordability in their products. Customers have highly praised products sold by the company for their low and affordable prices. The company has grown to be highly successful in its business endeavors as it has captured a large market base. According to its co-founder, Kate Hudson, she hopes that the success experienced by the company will be replicated in the next five years. The company has plans to open more than 100 stores across different parts of the world.


So what is the secret behind Fabletics success? According to the general manager at Fabletics, he thinks that building a technology-forward and reimagine brand of high-quality product ensures excellent products by the company. From the very first day, the membership model provided by the company has allowed it to offer personalized clothing at half-price its competitors. Many people that have purchased products with the company have been extremely delighted with the nature of services provided by the firm.


Customers have taken a full advantage of the virtual shopping experience made available at the main website. Upon completion of the online shopping, one can collect the products at the brick and mortar stores or have them shipped to their particular location. Signing up for the VIP membership has allowed many customers enjoy exclusive services offered by the program. While realizing that membership is not for everyone, the company has built physical retail stores that do not prefer shopping online. Anyone can shop any product online as a guest. Both way, one still gets the products and excellent services availed by the company. Fabletics has found the best way to merge both offline and e-commerce customers.

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