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Reverse-show rooming is new concept used by Fabletics to bring customers to their stores or showrooms in reverse order. The traditional retail company shows their customers their products in the store, and customers are expected to find the company online. Show rooming is an excellent method of creating an online presence, but Fabletics performs the process in reverse. This article explains how Fabletics is defeating Amazon with reverse-show rooming.

#1: They Wish To Expand To True Showrooms

Fabletics is expanding to over 100 stores in North America is quite a move for the company, and they will ensure over 50% of their customers are online customers. The stores will increase sales by quite a bit because online customers will come to the showroom looking at the possibility of trying something on. Customers understand their measurements in relation to the brand’s style, and they will buy in the store with far more frequency.

#2: Fabletics Has Universal Appeal

Fabletics has universal appeal that sees Kate Hudson as the face of the brand in quite a lot of their advertisements. She looks amazing as she did 15 years ago, and she has created a brand that will appeal to every woman. Women understand that Kate is a style icon who works quite hard on her appearance, and she wears her own clothing. She wishes to have a sleek body that is complemented in the proper manner, and Fabletics does so for her body.

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#3: Fabletics Has A Singular Mission

Fabletics is not a divided company as Amazon and the competition are. Kate Hudson created the company with a mission in-mind. She wishes to aid a woman who wants her body to look beautiful in every piece of clothing she wears, and Kate created a brand that will offer women more options when they walk into a store. Online subscriptions are only one part of the reverse-show rooming process, and women walking in the store may shop with the company in two different ways.

#4: Online Subscriptions Supplement In-Person Shopping

Online subscriptions from Fabletics are one part of what a woman wears every day. She may receive her package in the mail, take her clothing to the store and match new pieces to her online order. Women who use varied methods to shop for their clothing will find differing pieces online and in the store. A woman who shops in the store looks around at pieces that will join with her current style to create something more exciting and vibrant. Her online order will complement the pieces she purchased in the store, and the two come together to create one wardrobe.

The online subscription service at Fabletics is reverse-show rooming every customer using an expansion to brick and mortar stores. Their in-person customers are often their online customers, and they will reach women who are curious to see the brand up close and personal. Kate Hudson’s vision for the company offers women far better options for dressing every day in comfortable, affordable a chic articles of clothing.

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