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YouTube beauty blogger Wengie draws the story of her life on a dry erase board. She starts with her birthday, January 9, 1986. She talks about how she was a picky eater as a baby but would ask her grandfather for ice creams. Her parents moved to Australia but she did not join them until she was 4. Wengie did not recognize her parents since they left her as a baby, so she cried for her grandfather to take her back to China.


Wengie’s family was poor so she had to make a lot of her own toys. Her family made more money and moved from Melbourne to Sydney. She was shy and didn’t make many friends as a kid. To make up for this, she had a very active social life in high school. She spent a lot of time chatting with strangers online and created websites to display her anime drawings. At the end of high school, her mom had a new baby named Jim.


Wengie wanted to be a fashion designer but her parents wanted her to get an accounting scholarship since they were not paying for her school. She got the scholarship and became a “workaholic,” leading her to get a good job straight out of university. After 4 years at this job, Wengie quit because she was not doing a good job since she didn’t like the work.


Next, she became a social media consultant and despite the long hours, she loved it. She then started her own fashion blog. A major company asked her to do a campaign for her blog and more followed. This led to the start of her YouTube channel in 2013. She was so busy she had no social life and her house looked like a studio. Wengie even got on a hoarding TV show that decluttered her house. After breaking up with her boyfriend, she met her current fiance Max, who supported her in quitting her job and blogging full-time.



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