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Todd Lubar is the current president of TDL Global Ventures. Upon first gaining recognition as a business professional in marketing and strategy planning Todd Lubar was first a real estate professional in 1995. At that point in time he realized that he enjoyed helping people live better, so he made a business decision to pursue a career in real estate and finance. Mr. Lubar started off as a loan originator for a company called Crestar Mortgage Corporation. With Crestar is when he learned the basic model of what it takes to become a successful mortgage banker. Due to an entrepreneurial spirit, Todd was able to establish professional relationships with other bankers, CPA’s, real estate agents, other finance pros, and even insurance agents. These business contacts would later prove to be an effort worth more than his job itself.

Only 4 years later in 1999, Todd Lubar took on a new role in the finance field as an Equity Estimator with Legacy Financial Group. This would be the point in time where you would learn how to put all his newfound skills and real estate attributes to the test. He was now responsible for brokered loans to outside investors, and even lending as a direct lender for a mortgage bank. Due to the newfound entitlement he was able to produce over 200 banking transactions that not only made the company he was working for a lucrative profit, but also worked to build relationships that would later on prove to be an invaluable networking effort for the company as well.

If we fast forward 12 years, Mr. Lubar is now an affiliate of many major finance and lending companies around the country. He has done business with some of the bigger names out there and has been responsible for millions of dollars worth of transactions and loans. Todd Lubar currently resides in Maryland with a family consisting of two children.

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