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Securus Technology is a telecommunications company located in Dallas, Texas, that specializes in communication by phone or video to people that are incarcerated. It’s a viable communications network that is relied on by many to communicate with their loved ones outside of the facility as well as a means to communicate with attorneys. Securus is responsible for conducting business with local and county government agencies as well as responsible for maintaining the systems and security lines.

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Securus Technologies recently announced that mobile applications such as Android smartphones and Apple iPhones, iPads and iPad touches will have the option to participate in inmate video phone calls. The Android app was available less than six months ago and has an estimated 60,000 downloads since the launch of this app. The Apple app just launched a few weeks ago, and already has almost 5,000 downloads. The Securus Video Visit mobile app serves as another way for incarcerated inmates to reach out and stay in touch with their family members and lawyers. It is a convenient application that has increased communication between the two parties. The app is currently free and is accessible to inmates as well as their family members. The app has made it possible for them to be included in events (watch: such as birthday parties, sporting events and take part in holiday celebrations. It has opened up a whole new line of communication.

Securus America proudly services more than 3,400 facilities and over 1,200,000 inmates across North America. The team at Securus is dedicated to serving and providing quality, secure services to the community of inmates and enhance the communication between the inmates and the outside world. They have been providing telecommunications services for the government and public entities for many years, and continue to provide excellent services that coincide with today’s advances.
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