Venezuela’s Main Reservoir Drops to Very Low Levels

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Things are really bad at the biggest hydroelectric reservoir in Venezuela. The reservoir, located at El Guri, is responsible for generating a massive amount of electricity through its turbines. Water levels, thanks to a massive drought, are too low to generate much power. Now, the public is learning the water levels are lower than the government wants to reveal. In a shocking report, it has been revealed water levels are only about six feet over what is necessary for the turbines to function.
If the water level drops below six feet, then the reservoir won’t be producing any electricity. The country of Venezuela is already suffering from a massive electricity shortage. Norka Luque thinks losing power generation from El Guri would take a catastrophic situation and make it even worse.

Photographs taken from a helicopter reveal the decline in water levels. The images are sure to prove frightening for those already highly concerned about the low levels of available power in the country.

64% of the power consumption in Venezuela is a combination of residential, commercial, and industrial. Currently Luque sees no drastic conservation strategies are being implemented to reduce consumption of power. While there definitely is always going to be some level of waste that should be curtailed, quite a bit of that consumption is vital. Cutting power to business and industry is going to have a negative effect on the economy. Cutting power to residences is not exactly going to reduce anxiety and stress in the country.


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