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White Shark Media is a marketing agency for the digital marketing world. However, unlike some companies, they have a wonderful customer service. When they receive a complaint, they do their best to help make it better.

One complaint the company received early on in the company’s existence was that their customers were losing touch with their AdWords campaign. To begin with, they had no idea how to help their customers with this complaint. As time went on, they realized that if they gave a very detail-oriented tutorial, and made sure every user knew the ins and outs of the site before they began their campaign with White Shark Media.

Another complaint they were getting when they first started up was that the person who first helped them sign up was not the same person who became their contact while they were working with White Shark Media. So, they did something about this. If the new contact person isn’t in tune with the customer’s needs, they can contact the person who helped them sign up for a second opinion. However, they are not fully part of the experience after they sign up.

A third complaint White Shark Media received was that some people couldn’t track their campaigns via facebook. With AdWords and similar types of campaigns, this is a very big issue since it is the only way to really see if the campaign is succeeding. After this complaint came in a number of times, White Shark Media became very concerned. This is when their conversion tracking became part of the package. It’s all part of the in-house preparation for a new campaign that is starting up through White Shark Media.

Overall, with any complaint White Shark Media receives, they take it seriously. They will look for the most practical way to solve it, and for the best way to make it work for any and all of their customers.

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