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George Soros is the founder of Open Society and the Soros Foundation. The Open Society was started in 1979. The billionaire had always wanted a free society, and the foundation was a dream come true. He started the foundation after acquiring his wealth in America. His wealth is mostly from his hedge fund organization, Soros Foundation. He has always been against authoritarian types of government, and the Open Society helps him achieve it. The organization has been very influential in different parts of the world, and at the moment; it has spread in over one hundred countries. George Soros ambition is to improve these governments because he understands that every imperfect thing can be improved. His first activity was supporting education for black students in South Africa during the apartheid period.

George Soros wealth has made him get a higher degree of independence that other people in the world do not have, and this enables him to take a stand especially on the controversial issues that affect the community. Before the 2008 financial crisis, Soros had earlier warned the world about it. This crisis happened, leaving the world in a serious situation.

Recently, George Soros was interviewed by the Germany magazine about the European Union, and his response shocked many people. Soros Believes that the European Union is on the verge of collapsing and the only person who can save it from the problem is Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany.

Previously, before the interview was conducted, the Time magazine wrote their cover about the story, calling Angela the Chancellor of the Free world. George Soros believes that the magazine was justified because Angela deserves the title. This statement came as a shock to the people, bearing in mind that the billionaire has always been critical about Angela, always against her policies and ideas for the longest time.

According to George Soros, Angela is indirectly the leader of the union after Ukraine crisis, and she should take the responsibility of saving the union. In the past, Angela was loved by her people in Germany because of her leadership skills. She would hear their opinions and act according to the mood. However, concerning the migration crisis that is currently threatening the union, Angela acted without consulting his citizens. This shocked many and the citizens have started hating her.

On the other hand, George Soros is happy about the current stand that was taken by the Chancellor, and he says that she is on the right track. The chancellor was courageous enough to ask the Germany citizens to welcome the refugees from different countries to safeguard the European Union and also to end the ongoing migration crisis. The future of the union lies in the hands of the people of Germany.

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